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Students dole out big bucks yet see little in return

JULY 12, 2010

Students pay between $7,000 to $9,000 a year to live in the residence halls, but some “residents”—the unwanted kind, of course—enjoy the privilege of staying there without paying any fee at all.

Several residents of Cleveland State’s long-standing dormitory Viking Hall recently have noticed something rather unsettling. On one Wednesday afternoon this spring, a junior at CSU, Paula Davis, was having a conversation with a student resident and employee of Viking Hall about the rumored cockroach residents that had been spotted around the dormitory.

Upon hearing these rumors, Davis walked over to the conveyor belt to place her food tray down and much to her surprise, spotted two roaches crawling between the plates of food students had already disposed of.

“I just heard about roaches being on the walls and then I go to dump my tray off and see two of them crawling around. It was disgusting and it doesn’t seem like anything is being done about this,” Davis said.
According to Viking Hall community desk attendant Jessica Jones, the cockroach issue has been an on-going problem for several years and it seems as though the issue has been kept well under wraps. However, this leads people to wonder exactly how sanitary is the dining hall.

“I will say the cooks always change their gloves while working with and preparing the food. They go through boxes and boxes of gloves and stay hours after the dining hall closes to clean each night,” Jones state.

Several weeks ago, shortly after Davis made a complaint to a Viking Hall employee, Channel 19 Action News paid a surprise visit to the Residence Hall. However, reporters did not get the scoop they were hoping for when Viking staff members refused to disclose information and then called security on the reporters, who were asked to vacate campus grounds.

Ironically, Davis just so happens to know two of the anchors from Channel 19 Action News and had mentioned the cockroaches on a status she updated from her Facebook page. One week after the complaint made by Davis, reporters paid their visit to the dining hall only to be escorted out of the building. Another Viking resident who chose to remain anonymous said the station supposedly released a small segment about college dining on the 6 o’ clock news around that time. No other Viking staff members were available for comment.

Jones has been a resident of Viking Hall for three years and knows of many student residents who leave trash in the halls and do not properly clean their rooms.

“The building is on a foundation that is very old and when you combine that with messy college students, roaches and other insects are bound to come because once roaches appear, it’s hard to get rid of them,” Jones said.Questions began circulating as to whether the other residence hall Fenn Tower has the same insect problem and Jones knows that because Fenn Tower has been fully renovated, there have not been any major insect issues there.

Euclid Commons, the new dormitories currently being built across from Fenn Tower, will soon be a replacement for Viking Hall, which is rumored to remain open for only one or two more years. In the meantime, Viking staff is doing what they can to keep each floor properly sanitized, especially the dining hall.