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Food Important According to Student Sampling


MAY 6, 2010

Pedros PedrosA sampling of 20 students attending Cleveland State University reveals that students would be more likely to stay on campus and spend their money around town if there were more retail options.

An overwhelming number of students said that they wanted more food options. Sixteen of the 20 students interviewed mentioned food as a top priority.

Four of these students suggested a need for a Chipotle near campus.

“It would be convenient for us to go there, and it is inexpensive,” said Lindsay Bateson, a student living near campus.

Students also want healthier food options. Three students mentioned that they wanted non-processed, nutritious foods. “There is nowhere for vegetarians and vegans to eat around campus,” said Erika Branning, an advertising major. Students also want a grocery store that provides fresh foods and produce.

Communication professor Elizabeth Babin wants to see independently owned restaurants come into the neighborhood. She said she thinks a “Mom and Pop” place would do well in the area and that many people crave a home-style meal.

People also want to have more places to hang out around campus. Six people interviewed suggested more bars and nightclubs should surround campus.

“A ‘cool’ place for people to hang or a lounge would be nice to have,” said Liana Zabura, a first-year student.

Seven students suggested a general store where students could grab basic necessities.

Lauren Gabel suggested that the bookstore be moved to a campus building instead of across the street. She said she believes that it would be easier for students to stop in there.

“We need to have a campus bus route,” said Coretta Thompson. This would serve to take the students around campus. It would also help students interact with one another by going places together.