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Students offer ideas to improve campus, nearby neighborhood

MAY 6, 2010

East 22nd Street alleyStudents enrolled in the graduate-level neighborhood planning course taught by Adjunct Professor Abe Bruckman are examining the Cleveland State University Master Plan and Campus District Inc.’s master plan to find ways to make the community more livable and create more synergy between the campus and surrounding neighborhood.

They’ve proposed the slogan “Live More and Learn More” to use as a marketing tool for the project.

Students also introduced the idea of a highway park such as Seattle’s Freeway Park, built in 1976, on five acres overlooking Interstate 5 in downtown Seattle. It connects portions of the city divided by a freeway.

East 22nd Street is similarly segmented between Cedar Road and Carnegie Avenue, which are divided by the Innerbelt.

Turning Swingos Court, which some might identify as the alley running between 18th and 21st streets behind Peabody’s, into a “student destination” is another idea.
Such a project could be accomplished by incorporating art, green space, restaurants, and bars on Swingos Court to attract CSU students.

Another suggestion from the class: the soon-to-be closed Juvenile Court Building on East 22nd Street just past Cedar Avenue, built in 1932 is eligible for landmark status.
Students proposed using the space for residential units rather than have the space sit empty.

They acknowledge the challenges associated with their court building proposal, which include being unable to use the jail space attached to the courthouse, and the costly renovations that would be needed to convert it.