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Centralized Printing Causes Controversy

Cleveland State University administrators held a series of four town-hall style meetings from April 26 through April 29 to allow faculty and staff to ask questions and express concerns regarding the new network printing initiative.

The meetings, which lasted for about an hour each, included a brief presentation and lengthy question and answer period. Expressed trepidation regarding the change included potential wasted time, long printing lines, unique printing needs and privacy.

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Homeless Gain Viking Cards

On campus at Cleveland State, it is not uncommon to encounter a homeless person in the buildings or read about them in the Police Blotter. What might be surprising to some is evidence that some of those who are panhandling around campus are actually registering for classes.

The CSU Police Blotter in the April 22 issue contained a story about a homeless man caught bathing in the second floor bathroom of the Business Building. Upon questioning, police found he was actually a student with a valid Viking ID card.

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Refresh and Relax at the Farmer's Market

As the school year begins to wind down, the CSU campus will continue to provide students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to walk into summer with the taste and sense of community.

The farmer’s market is back at the CSU campus. If you enjoy fresh foods, live entertainment and good company, the farmer’s market is the perfect place to take a lunch break.

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International Students Make Important Impact on the U.S.

The economy has been forefront on the minds of many Americans. International contributions have been negated, and many believe the only way to secure our economy is by putting money into education and into American made products; however, it is important to shed light on international students and their contributions to the United States’ economy and image abroad.

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Men's Tennis Three-peats

CSU’s women’s tennis team ended their season Saturday, April 24, after losing 4-1 to Detroit in the semifinal round of the Horizon League tournament.

The Vikings faced UDM after earning a first round bye with their program-best second place finish in the regular season.

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Softball Wins Horizon Title

CSU softball has been outright dominating this year and they clinched their second Horizon League title in the last three years.

Owning the top record in the Horizon League at 19-2, the Vikings also have an overall record of 39-13. Both set new records in victories for league play and for the school as well.

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Two Viking Golfers Earn League Honors

A few individual honors capped off the spring season for the Cleveland State women’s golf team.

Although the team finished in fifth place of seven teams, senior Katie Broere took sixth place in the overall individual standings and earned a spot on the all-tournament team.

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CSU Athletics Needs to Engage Fans More

The Lee Reed era is coming to a close at Cleveland State, and he told cleveland.com some interesting information regarding part of his decision making process.

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KSU Football Player Drafted into NFL

Kent State University alumnus Jameson Konz has just fulfilled a lifelong goal that many young boys dream of while growing up. To get drafted into the National Football League.

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Science students show off results on Research Day

Students from the College of Science gathered to show the results of their hard work and research for the sixth annual Research Day on April 30.

From 12:30 p.m. until 3:45 p.m., the physical education building lobby was filled with posters displaying research on over 150 projects. The research presented spanned the vast range of programs in the College of Science like chemistry, physics, biology, math, environmental science and health science.

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Cleveland Marshall College of Law Ranks Third

The Cleveland State Marshall College of Law ranked third against all other Ohio law schools for first-time test takers of the bar exam.

A total of 30 CSU students took the bar, compared to the top two ranked law schools, which had five and eight students take it respectively.

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Special Feature on Community

Cleveland State University is growing up. Walk a block or two down Euclid Avenue and you will see the progress the university has made in a short time. All of it is part of CSU’s master plan.

By now, most students and faculty have seen the drawings. They see the construction of the real thing every day. But there is something missing, something no drawing or building can show.

What is missing is a community and it is the most important part of the master plan. For what good are buildings without people in them? It doesn’t matter how pretty a place is — if you have no one to share it with, you will not stay there long.

What is community exactly? Many definitions exist, but community is generally defined as a group of interacting people living in a common location. Those people tend to share similar intentions, beliefs, resources, needs and the community helps the individual define their own identity.

By that definition, CSU has already built a community. Students come to CSU with the intention of earning a degree, they share resources, they interact with each other and they identify with the university. (When people ask John what he does, he can rely on the university for an answer, “I’m a student at CSU!”)

Yes, CSU has a thriving community. But it will have to be nurtured if it is going to grow along with the master plan. Many issues will need to be addressed.

“What issues?” You ask.

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- Adam Burr

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