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Heritage Meal Plan Waived

The last issue of The Cleveland Stater featured an article about concerned Heritage Suites residents. These students were worried about the additional cost a required meal plan would add in the fall.

Four representatives of Heritage residents had met with President Berkman on April 8 to discuss their concerns. President Berkman has agreed to waive the meal plan requirement for the 2010-2011 academic year.

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CSU Library Holds Book Sale

The Michael Schwartz Library is hosting a continuous book sale through the Friends of the Library organization filled with popular literature novels ranging from mystery to business to cooking.

On April 15, a larger book sale was organized as part of the National Library Week by the Friends of the Library. The Friends program is an independent organization, founded in 1987, of people who simply love books and are supportive of libraries.

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Pitchford Given Top Honors as Supervisor of the Year

Rick Pitchford received the Supervisor of the Year Award by student assistants and the Student Employment Program.

You may not be familiar with who Pitchford is unless you are in the communication building or see him fixing a tech-based piece of equipment on campus.
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Engineers Without Borders Seeks Volunteers from Any Background

The CSU chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), a non-profit group which aims to improve the quality of life in developing communities around the world, is seeking help from individuals from a variety of disciplines.

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Lee Reed Accepts Job at Georgetown

After eight years at CSU, Athletics Director Lee Reed is moving on to bigger and better things accepting a job to be the athletics director at Georgetown University.

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Men's Tennis Dominates HL once again

CSU’s Men’s Tennis team finished their regular season undefeated in the Horizon League for a No. 1 tournament seed after beating Detroit last weekend. The Vikings have won the last two Horizon League Championships.

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Cavs Chances Look Good for NBA Finals

Forget the traditional Cleveland mind set of disbelief and disappointment. This Cavs team is different. This is the year.

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Soccer Star Gets Rare Sixth Year

In the sports world, second chances are not given out on a regular basis, but an exception to the rule has been made for Jessi McCloy.

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Women's Tennis Second in HL

Cleveland State’s women’s tennis team finished the regular season strong, as the second seed in the Horizon League Tournament with wins over league opponents Wright State, Butler and Detroit over the last two weekends.

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POV Wins SGA Elections

The Party of One Voice is the clear winner of the Student Government Association executive board election after last week’s vote, which also put an interesting spin on the climactic football issue.
With two current executive board members in Vice-President elect Shauna Jackson and President re-elect Mohammad Faraj, One Voice won with just over 61 percent of the vote, an overwhelming majority in the two-party race. One Voice gained the support of 1,010 students, while opponent Students Opportunity for Success came up short with 639 votes.

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Wolstein Seeking New Management

CSU’s Division of Business Affairs and Finance is reviewing and analyzing all proposals in preparation for a formal recommendation to the Board of Trustees this month regarding the issue of finding new management for the Wolstein Center.
“I think it’s important to the university to make this really transparent,” said Assistant Vice President for Campus Support Services Clare Rahm. “It’s important to CSU and to Cleveland.”

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Panelists Analyze Tea Party

Obama supporter Greg Schultz shocked the audience when he told them that the Tea Party movement was good for the health care debate during a panel discussion on politics and health care April 20 in the Parker Hannifin Building.
Schultz, Ohio Director for Organizing America, along with Dr. Justin Vaughn and Marty Plax, both CSU professors in political science, tackled current issues surrounding the health care debate including Republican intransigency and the role the Tea Party plays.

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"ChatRoulette": a voyeuristic gamble for unsuspecting users

A new Web sensation is making waves around the world. ChatRoulette.com is as controversial and enticing to users as an open window excites a peeping Tom. The only difference is, you will not find yourself in handcuffs after taking a peek into the lives of others on this site.

ChatRoulette.com allows you to see and be seen by strangers from around the world. Simply turn on your camera and click “New Game” to meet someone you may never have met until now.

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