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July 23, 2008

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By Faith Hampton

Cleveland State University’s undergraduate research program created by Provost Mary Jane Saunders is on its second summer.

n eLearning up by 83 percent - Audrey McCrone
n The New Yorker creates Obama drama - Faith Hampton
n Summer program enriches - Anica Robinson
n CSU students film Ingenuity - Anica Robinson
n Blue law prevents sorority houses - Faith Hampton
n Third District moves - Courtney Pellack
n New law allows more financial aid - Afaf Mathlouthi
n Professor's wallet stolen - Courtney Pellack
A Day in the life of Flowers - Brandon Petitto

n New interim chief of psych. Department - Christina Sochacky
n Bye Z lot, hello garage - Courtney Pellack
n New CSU grant - Afaf Mathlouthi
n Orientation leaders vital to CSU - Jayah J. Watters
n Counselors advise all to drink responsibly - Jayah J. Watters
n CSU misses out on virtual campus - Audrey McCrone
n Hall of Famer returns to Vikings - Francis X. Bova III
n Effner replacement search under way - Francis X. Bova III

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