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June 25, 2008

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Cultural Center highlights African-American artwork

Photos and story by Faith Hampton

The Black Studies program at Cleveland State University is one of the offices that had to be moved to the new Main Classroom Plaza due to the demolition of the University Center. During its transition, the program had to relocate its Cultural Center as well. Now, pieces of artwork and multiple artifacts are dispersed in glass cases along the hallway to the Black Studies program office. Viewing of the artwork is open to the public and encouraged. Some of the pieces were even moved inside the office.
“The Cultural Center’s purpose is to focus on African-Americans and is designed to build with academics,” said Dr. Michael Williams, director of the Black Studies program.
The Cultural Center used to be simply called the African-American Cultural Center. The Cultural Center was later named after Howard A. Mims, the first person hired at CSU for their Speech Pathology program. He died in 2002.
A new major could hopefully be coming soon in the Black Studies program in 2009.
“The cultural center should feed into the new major,” said Williams.
The Black Studies program also houses the Tombouctou Book Club, the Images radio station, Wednesday poetry nights, and the Jazz Heritage Orchestra.





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