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February 19, 2009

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By Howard Mahoney

Chancellor for Higher Education launches strategic plan for Ohio’s 13 public universities to have distinctive missions, which include a comprehensive, high-quality education, and the establishment of nationally-recognized Centers of Excellence.

Stimulus package affects CSU students-Jeremy Bader
On Feb. 17, President Barack Obama took his first step in tackling the economic crisis by signing the $787 billion stimulus package. Several aspects, including tax cuts, education credits, and college financial aid may bring some much needed help for college students.

CSU holds party for Darwin’s 200th birthday-Matthew Grassi

Friday, Feb. 13, the College of Science in association with the Department of Environmental Science, the Department of Biology and the University Library co-sponsored a celebration of the 200th birthday of English scientist Charles Darwin, arguably one of the greatest and most controversial scientists in world history.

•Dr. Ghorashi new dean of engineering- Matthew Grassi
•Students protect CSU through CERT- Caitlin Fertal
•Dietician fights the freshman fifteen- Eric Sever
•Diversity in an Engaged Learning environment- Zalika Adams
•Career Services orders success for CSU- Stephani Rowe
•Students and surrounding businesses have mixed emotions about Healthline- Mike Soltesz
•Activist photographer shares concern for unique culture- Caitlin Fertal
•A-Rod just one of many to disappoint- Bryan D'Andrea
•A few thoughts on terrorism-Howard Mahoney
•What you've been missing in C-town- Maggie McKinley

•Homelessness extends to families and youth- Jon Wysochanski
•Go green for no green!-Eric Sever

•New interim director for Women's Studies Program -Jon Wysochanski
•Tribute to African Americans in the military-Stephani Rowe
•Nance receives a new look - Zalika Adams
•Each in their own voice: artists share their muse- Mike Soltesz
•Join the chili challenge, get silly and eat chili - Lisa Heinrich

•Entertainment and education about safe sex- Lisa Heinrich
•Forfeits hamper wrestler's Senior Night- Maggie Mckinley
•Swim team prepares for Horizon League championship- William F. Vida
•Free agency vital to Browns' success- William F. Vida

•CSU takes two of three- Sarah Baker
All about Amanda-Sarah Baker

Vikings and Brown peeking at the right time- Matthew Grassi

Kocks and crew keeping eye on the pie-Bryan D'Andrea


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