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February 5, 2009

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By Howard Mahoney

Faculty and students of CSU react favorably to the new president’s first steps in the White HouseAccording to Joe Sweeney, a third-year law student, “I am glad he is not trying to make sweeping changes overnight.”

A note from the editor- Eric Sever

•Tuitions remain frozen- Jeremy Bader
•Nissen calls for FDA reforms after salmonella crisis- William F. Vida
•Bookstore battles Internet- Caitlin Fertal
•CSU Business students take a legacy across borders- Zalika Adams
•Getting hired requires more than a good resume- Jon Wysochanski
•Cleveland Foundation gives $90,000 for D.C. internship program- Mike Soltesz
•Excitement in the air for Peabody’s Battle- Jon Wysochanski
•Speakers address multiculturalism in education- Jeremy Bader
•CAB breaks the ice to a new semester-Caitlin Fertal
•Get your Greek on- Lisa Heinrich

•Art Gallery opens new exhibit- Mike Soltesz
•Howard A. Mims remembered by CSU-Stephani Rowe

•Goff continues to dominate - Maggie McKinley
•Klein, Roque seeing 20/20-Bryan D’Andrea
•Cole Crushes Raiders hopes - Matthew Grassi
•Fencing hosts only home match of season- Lisa Heinrich
•Students react to new coach - Bryan D’Andrea

•Men’s swim team wins final home meet- William F. Vida
•Cheerleaders hold youth clinic- William F. Vida
•Women split dual meet, Behn breaks record- Sarah Baker
•What you’ve been missing in C-town- Maggie McKinleyi
Weiners served until the wee hours-Eric Sever

Parking problems elicit emotional responses-Matthew Grassi


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