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December 5, 2008

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By Faith Hampton

The wheels have been set in motion for the new College of Education and Human Services building to be completed in January 2010. The building will be around 95,000 square feet, costing approximately $36 million.

•Presidential search progresses - Howard Mahoney
•Military vets are top priority at CSU- Emily Ouzts
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•Professor develops interactive fitness equipment- Mattew Grassi
•Medical websites prove O.K. if used correctly-Tara Chalmers
•Are cellphones safe for your health- Melanie Murphy
•CSI effect skewing perspectives on crime - Jon Wysochanski
Technology helps Obama win election-Courtney Pellack

Skillport features digital resources-Audrey McCrone

•Looking back on Fall 2008 - Faith Hampton
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•Vikings fight to tournament final- Matthew Gadus
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•Vikings unable to beat K-State- Matthew Wilder
•CSU tops John Carroll again - Bryan D'Andrea
•Men's soccer loses in final- Maggie McKinley
•Who deserves it most? BCS debate- Matthew Gadus
•School record broken, but... - Matthew Wilder

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