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CSU to Offer Students Microsoft Products
Special packages available at greatly reduced cost

Cleveland State University plans to offer Microsoft software to students at greatly reduced prices and to faculty and staff through a borrowing program by the end of the year.

The Inter University Council, a collection of Ohio's 13 public univer-sities and two free-standing medical schools, has entered into a contract with Microsoft through its corporate sales agent Micro Center, for the purchase of Microsoft software.

According to an Oct. 12 IUC news release, the process started last summer with meetings in Columbus and concluded with a signed contract on Oct. 12.

The university is now working on the tedious process of deciding how the software will be distributed. In an interview on Oct. 21, Dr. James Gage, vice provost, Information Technology and Academic Innovation, Academic Affairs, said there are two options for distribution; through the campus library or through the campus bookstore.

Prices, which will depend on the cost involved to produce the CD-Rom and distribute the merchandise, will be established once distribution has been settled.

Staffing expenses in-curred will be within the distribution costs. The distribution outlet will be responsible for very strict record keeping.

Fabian Ferreri, security administrator for IS&T, said, “record keeping is very specific in the contract.”

Students must sign a one-time agreement prior to purchasing any software. The purpose of the contract is to give the university a tracking mechanism to prevent students from purchasing multiple copies, Gage said.

Students must have a VikingCard to purchase software. This will serve as another tracking mechanism.

Available software will include Office 98 for Macintosh, Office 2000 Professional and FrontPage 2000.

Office 2000 Professional contains Word (the word processing function), Outlook (e-mail), Access (a database), Excel ( spreadsheet),and Publisher (web page development).

Macintosh Office 98 consists of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook Express.

Front page 2000 can be used for personal web page development.

Although specific cost of the software has not yet been finalized, Gage said it would be around $10 per cd.

The price is so low because the university is paying the licensing fee for each student.

The software package will include the CD-Rom and a document from the university outlining installation procedures. The manuals for the software must be purchased separately.

Once a student purchases the software, it is his or hers to keep permanently.

According to Gage, the money for the licensing fees will come in part from the technology fees students pay with tuition.

“The contract is based on headcount,” said Gage. “So CSU paid based on headcount figures up-front.”

Faculty and staff members will be able to take advantage of this program also, but not by permanently buying the software.

Faculty can buy a CD-ROM but the software can only be used for work-related items. If the faculty or staff member leaves the university, by resigning, retiring or termination, the software must be unloaded and no longer used, Ferreri said.

Faculty and staff will also have to sign an agreement regarding the software use.

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