July 8, 1999 A Laboratory Newspaper at Cleveland State University Volume 1 Number 3

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AMC helps solve industry's problems

Have you ever heard of the Advanced Manufacturing Center at Cleveland State University? If not, don't worry, you are not alone. There are other students who know nothing about the center's location or exactly what goes on there.
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The Cleveland Stater is a laboratory newspaper put out by students enrolled in classes in the Department of Communication at Cleveland State University.
Editor: Ray Cooney
Campus Editor: Becky Muncy
Design, Graphics and Photography Coordinator: Alex Marculescu
Advertising Manager: Iris McGinness
Proof readers: Bridgette Calandra and Maria Floyd
On-line Editor: Toni Muhammad
Reporters: Rebecca Grauel, Becky Muncy, Alex Marculescu, Iris Figueroa-McGinnis, Maria Floyd, Bridgette Calandra, Shawn Wickens, Ray Cooney, Toni Muhammad
Adviser: Betty Clapp

For information on the publication or advertising, please contact:
The Cleveland Stater
Department of Communication
Cleveland State University
2001 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Phone: (216) 687-5094
fax: (216) 687-5588
email: cleveland.stater@csuohio.edu
web page: www.csuohio.edu/clevelandstater

The adviser can be reached at (216) 687-4642 or at b.clapp@csuohio.edu.

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