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CSU/WVIZ move ahead on center

The CSU Board of Trustees unanimously approved a resolution at the Feb. 23 meeting to support a proposed partnership between the university and WVIZ to explore further the concept of an Applied Digital Technology Center and to direct the administration to continue with negotiations for a joint use agreement for the facility.

A joint use agreement had been submitted to the board by Dr. Lorilee Sandmann, vice provost, institutional effectiveness and strategic partnerships, but when the resolution came before the board a different resolution was substituted.

This floor plan for the Applied Digital Technology Center, prepared by Austin Company and Morse Diesel, Inc., provides a first inkling of the joint CSU/WVIZ project.

According to Trustee Timothy Cosgrove, University Legal Counsel Nancy Cribbs discovered that because the previously approved $250,000 exploratory budget from the Ohio General Assembly had come from the higher education operating budget and not a capital fund, a joint use agreement was not necessary for access to the funds.
He became aware of this the Tuesday evening before Wednesday’s 3 p.m. meeting. The board packets had already been mailed.

According to Sandmann, the next step is for WVIZ to secure state funds. The station has requested $7 million from the state and will raise additional funds through a spring campaign, she said. WVIZ expects to receive a decision from the state this spring.

The university will convene a group to facilitate internal planning on the impact of digital technology on university programs and assess technology-enhanced learning. The goal is to determine what difference technology will make on the outcome of learning, said Sandmann. The group will study the effects on the curriculum and how it will impact training, research and other opportunities other than the visual aspect.

A fax from Sandmann to several university personnel called for recommendations for the group. A smaller advisory group for cooperative planning will then be formed from this group, along with a group of similar size from WVIZ. When and if the WVIZ portion of the funding is approved the advisory group will draft a new joint use agreement, Sandmann said.

The joint use agreement drafted and submitted by Sandmann and Jerrold Wareham, president of the Educational Television Association of Metropolitan Cleveland, identified the purpose of setting forth in detail the goals and processes for the use of the $250,000.

The agreement also identified the proposed center as dedicated to the application of digital technology through continuing education, training and development of innovative technology and making technology work for education.

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