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Winter welcomes returning students

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President may face vote of confidence

During the Feb. 9 faculty senate meeting two motions are expected to be presented for a vote. These motions will let the university community know what the faculty is thinking about the administration. The first motion to be considered is a vote of no confidence for Cleveland State University President Claire Van Ummersen.

Roger Govea, associate professor of political science, said in a phone interview on Jan. 26, that a no confidence motion means the group believes the current administration should be removed. He added that the vote does not mean action will be taken, but is used for an advisory purpose.

Govea said when a no confidence vote does not pass it does not necessarily mean the group supports the administration, but they are not ready for a change. Tayyab Mahmud, associate professor of law, said in a phone interview on Jan. 27, “If a vote of no confidence is put forward I would vote for it, but would encourage my colleagues to make sure there is a consensus among the faculty before the vote is put forward.”

Mahmud said he encourages the strong voice of the faculty. He said the faculty voice should put pressure on the board of trustees to have the president see the light and step down.

In his opinion Mahmud said, because the administration refuses to accept responsibility for the PeopleSoft and financial aid-related problems there is a lot of frustration among the faculty. He added, “The changes that have been made are a day late and a dollar short. Using the excuse that other universities are having the same problems is not a viable excuse.”

Mahmud said his opinion of the university and administration is failure to attribute the changes among the staff to the PeopleSoft issues shows a continued failure on the university’s part to take responsibility for the persistent problems. Mahmud said a new beginning is warranted, with new vision and direction for the university.

Govea said a second motion that will be presented at the faculty senate meeting would be as a separate statement to be in lieu of a no-confidence vote. Govea said he would present the motion. He said this resolution is neither an attempt to be supportive nor unsupportive, but to give steps that should be taken by the administration.

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