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Journalism and Promotional Communications Division

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The Journalism and Promotional Communication Division conducts research in broadcasting, international communication, persuasion, news studies, media effects, political socialization, campaigns, urban communication, and policy issues in mass communication. It offers a comprehensive, ethically grounded education in journalism and mass communication. Students in this program learn about both the impact and responsibilities of mass media in a contemporary capitalist democracy, obtaining training in the gathering, production, and strategic dissemination of information. Media reporting and writing, as well as the design of public relations and advertising campaigns comprise the coursework of this intensive program. The curriculum represents a balance between professional skills, academic approaches to mass communication, and a liberal arts background.

Faculty in the Journalism and Promotional Communication Division include:

  • Dr. Anup Kumar (News writing, faculty adviser for The Cleveland Stater)
  • Dr. Edward M. Horowitz (Political communication, political socialization)
  • Dr. Leo W. Jeffres (News media effects, urban and community journalism)
  • Dr. Sidney Kraus (Emeritus Professor) (Political communication, presidential debates)
  • Dr. Jae-won Lee (International communication, construction of news)
  • Dr. Gary Petty (Politics and media, public relations)
  • Dr. Richard M. Perloff (Persuasion, political communication)
  • Professor Michael Rand (Broadcast writing, new media writing and editing)

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