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Frequently Asked Questions for Undergraduates


Q: I want to register for a class/Do you have a class in….?
A: All information about what courses will be offered is available on CampusNet. Even if you are not yet a student you can see what classes we are offering next semester by using the "Guest" option. If you are a student, you can use your student ID to access and sign up for classes on CampusNet as well. If the semester you are curious about is not yet showing on CampusNet, then it is not yet finalized. (back to top)

Q: I am not yet a student, how do I sign up for a class?
A: You will need to talk to Admissions (216.687.2100) to become a student. Once you are enrolled, you can use your student ID to sign up for classes on CampusNet. (back to top)

Q: Do I have an advisor?
A: Yes.  Students in the School of Communication are assigned a major advisor.  If you are unsure of who your advisor is, you can call the School of Communication main office at 216-687-4630.  Our advisors will be happy to meet with you and discuss your educational and career goals.  For general education advising, your college advisor can be reached in CLASS Advising at 216-687-5040. (back to top)

Q: I need help choosing a Communication major…
A: Start by looking at the required classes for each major, think about what courses would most interest you, and if you want more guidance, speak with one of the School of Communication advisors. If you don't yet have a School of Communication advisor, you may look at the descriptions of our faculty members to help you choose, or call 216.687.4630 to be directed to someone who is currently available. (back to top)

Q: I want to declare/change my major, what do I do?
A: Students wishing to declare or change their major should make an appointment to see Michelle Knapik, in the Chester building, room 279 (The CLASS Advising Center). If you aren't certain what your major is, you can check it on CampusNet under the "Student" tab click on "Student Record", your College and Plan/Major are listed there. (back to top)

Q: What is a sequence?
A: If you are majoring in "Communication Management", "Film & Digital Media" or "Journalism & Promotional Communication" you need to pick one sequence to pursue under that major. For example you may be working toward a degree in "Journalism & Promotional Communication" and your sequence under that major is "Advertising". The sequence indicates that you will be taking classes that relate to advertising, but some of your classes will certainly overlap with the other sequences under the major "Journalism & Promotional Communication". You only need to complete one sequence to achieve your degree. To see a list of majors and explore the sequences under each, click here. Your advisor can help you determine which sequence would best help you in your future career. Once you have selected your sequence, you should complete this form to let the School of Communication know what direction you are pursuing. (back to top)

Q: I think I'm ready to graduate, what do I need to do?
A: First make sure that your major shows up correctly on CampusNet (see declare/change major for instructions). Then go to your advisors so they can double check that you will have all your requirements fulfilled. Check with your General Education advisor (UC 500, 216.687.2402) and check with your advisors for any majors or minors that you are planning to graduate with (if you don't have a Communication advisor yet, see the advisor section above). After that, you will need to file a graduation application: check the Office of the University Registrar's graduation webpage for details. Make sure to list your major and sequence on the application (see sequences for more information). (back to top)

Q: I need career advice, what kind of career can I have if I major in one of the areas of Communication?
A: First, check out our Careers page for more information. Then, consider speaking to your advisor about what kinds of career options they are aware of in their field. If you don't yet have a School of Communication advisor, check the advisor section above. (back to top)

Q: I want an internship next semester, what do I do?
A: Set up an appointment to meet with our Internship Director by calling 216-687-4630. (back to top)

Q: None of this answered my question, can anybody help me?
A: Call 216.687.4630 and we will try to direct you to the answer.

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