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A Series of Interactive Panel Discussions on Filmmaking Featuring Visiting Filmmakers from The 35th CIFF

Cleveland State University's School of Communication, in conjunction with the Cleveland International Film Festival, is proud to host this free two-day event featuring visiting filmmakers and members of the local production community discussing the art, craft, and business of moving image production. The panels give Festival-goers, students, and all who are interested in the art of cinema an opportunity to meet CIFF filmmakers, hear them talk about their films, and ask questions about their work—as well as the movie making process in general.
April 2-3, 2011

The Real Story –
Documentary Filmmaking

This panel explores how documentary production differs from fiction filmmaking in terms of scripting, financing, budgeting, editing, and particularly in terms of finding a compelling story to tell. The panelists discuss how they work with reality as the raw material for their stories and how they work to construct this material into a film that will engage an audience's attention.




Shooting the Story –
The Production Process

This panel is dedicated to the complicated process of production. The strategies, approaches, and problems of taking a film from conception to completion was the focus of this discussion, ranging from the challenges of financing, budgeting, and story development (through the logistics of casting, crew, locations, and scheduling), to the variety of techniques used to direct the actors, the camera, the set, and the project itself.


Getting the Story Out – Distribution, Exhibition, and Film Festivals

This panel covered perhaps the most important aspect of cinematic storytelling: getting the work seen. Beginning with the fundamentals of distribution, our panelists explored the various ways films are brought to the public's attention. Given the connection to the CIFF, particular attention was devoted to the central role of film festivals in the filmmakers' quests to have their stories seen and heard. Strategies for successful submission of a film to festivals were a primary focus of this panel.


Women's Stories

Until very recently filmmaking has been a male dominated field and some might say that this continues to be true. This panel looked at the work of women filmmakers, focusing on questions of access to financing, authority during the production process and on set, and the variety of distinctive perspectives that female producers, directors, and writers bring to the stories they tell. The challenges that remain for women who want to make films was also discussed.
The World's Stories – International Filmmaking

This panel, presented in conjunction with CSU's Department of Modern Languages, features visiting filmmakers from across the globe who discussed the varied approaches to filmmaking found outside the United States. Alternative modes of financing and production were explored, as were the challenges international filmmakers face in attempting to get their work seen in the U.S. and around the world. Issues of cross-cultural communication are discussed as well as the opportunities afforded by new trends in international co-production.
CIFF 2012 panels, Carried Away  







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