Classical and Medieval Studies Program


Name Phone (216)  
Earl Anderson
Professor Emeritus of English
687.3951 Old English. Epic and Romance
Heba El Attar
Assistant Professor of Spanish
523.7174 Spanish and Arabic Languages and Literatures
Michael Baumer
Associate Professor of Philosophy
687.3902 Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Philosophical Greek
Bruce Beatie
Professor Emeritus of Classics and Comparative Literature
523.7166 Medievalist, Classics, Folklore, and Modern Popular Culture
Marian Bleeke
Assistant Professor of Art History
687.2040 Medieval and Islamic Art, Romanesque and Gothic Sculpture
Beverly Bow
Term Assistant Professor
687.4707 Biblical Literature, Greco-Roman World, Mythology, Women and Religion
Stephen C. Cory
Assistant Professor History
687.6883 Early Modern Islamic World, Islamic Religion, Medieval Europe
Kathy Ewing
Lecturer English, Latin
Edward R. Haymes
Professor of German and Comparative Literature
687.5138 Medieval German Literature, Old Norse Language and Literature, Latin Language, Medieval Epic
Elizabeth Lehfeldt
Associate Professor of History
687.6883 Medieval History, Women's History
Gregory M Sadlek
Dean of CLASS and Professor of English
687.3660 Medieval Literature, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dante
Stella A Singer
Assistant Professor, English Literature
687.6870 Pilgrimage, Medieval Maps, Sanctuary, Conceiving Conscience,
Derwood C Smith
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
687.2171 Biblical Studies, Early Christianity, Women in the New Testament
Abed El-Rahman Tayyara
Professor of Modern Language
687.5138 History of Islam, the Transmission of knowledge from Greek culture to the Islam
Laura Wertheimer
Associate Professor of History, Director Classical & Medieval Studies (CLAM)
687.3930 Medieval European History, Ancient Mediterranean

Kelly L Wrenhaven
Assistant Professor,  Modern Languages