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The Music Settlement

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The Music Settlement
11125 Magnolia Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Phone: (216) 421-5806
Fax: (216) 231-5024

Monday - Friday, 6:30 am to 9 pm
Saturday, 8 am to 5 pm
Sundays as needed

Natasha Simmons, Interim Co-President
Patricia Camacho Hughes, Interim Co-President
Gabriel Pollack, Bop Stop Manager
Ronna Kaplan, Director, Department of Music Therapy
Megan Clay Constantine, Chair, Director of Youth Orchestras
Arthur Kane, Department Head, Piano
Camacho Hughes, Director of Development
Tim Kastelic, VP of Finance

Founded over 103 years ago, The Music Settlement has touched many lives in Greater Cleveland by encouraging students of all ages and backgrounds to connect with the arts in a way that promotes creativity and artistic expression, fosters self-confidence, and improves quality of life. We operate three centers in University Circle — the Center for Music, the Center for Early Childhood, and the Center for Music Therapy — as well as the BOP STOP performance venue in Ohio City. Our mission is to create a community where artistic expression belongs to everyone by serving those who seek personal growth through the arts.

BOP STOP at The Music Settlement, winner of the Fox 8 Buzz List "Nightlife Spots" and Scene Magazine's Best Jazz Club, is Cleveland's premier performance venue with sweeping views of Lake Erie. Donated to The Music Settlement in 2013, BOP STOP is the place to see high-quality up-and-coming and well-established acts on the near-West side. Featuring tiered seating and an open floor plan, there's not a bad seat in the house. The Music Settlement also holds classes for music instruction, music therapy and arts for the young at the BOP STOP.

EDUCATION: The Music Settlement has a large range of educational and program offerings both on campus and off. Briefly:

MUSIC: offered for ages 3 months to senior citizen

  • Individual and group instruction in all instruments including voice for ages 3 to senior citizen
  • Ensemble instruction in classical and contemporary orchestra, chamber groups, Suzuki, Jazz, Rock n’ Blues, Hip Hop, chorus as well as theory, composition, music history and Delcroze & early childhood experiences for all ages
  • Outreach through individual and group instruction, in-school and after school instruction, and specific genres of music for all ages
  • Summer camps in all the programs above as well as introduction to instruments and performance ages 8 to 18
  • Performances in all offerings through studio recitals, faculty concerts and outreach; regularly offered series of professional and amateur local and touring artists at our BOP STOP performance site.

MUSIC THERAPY: offered for ages birth through Senior Citizen

  • Individual and small group sessions in the range of need from rehabilitation to life-long issues for all ages
  • Outreach through organizational partner sites in education, social service, and health for all ages
  • Summer camps for small groups ages 12 to 22
  • Performance series for families of special needs individuals, all ages

EARLY CHILHOOD: offered for ages 3 month to 8 years old

  • Full day, 49 week day school resident program for age 3 to 5/6
  • Half day, 42 week preschool resident program for ages 3 to 5/6 in a range of number of days, morning or afternoon
  • Extended day offerings for preschoolers
  • Kindergarten, age 5/6
  • One a week session programming in Delcroze, music & movement, intro to Suzuki, group piano, etc. for 3 to 8 year olds
  • 2 summer camps (2 & 4 week) for ages 6 to 18

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