Cleveland ARTS Education Consortium (CAEC)

Members & Membership

In times of financial stress, decision makers in schools and centers of learning routinely cut or eliminate the arts. The unified voice of the Cleveland Arts Education Consortium on behalf of its more than seventy member organizations is critical to remind education leaders that the arts are a valuable and equal education partner and must be included in all stages of learning.

Membership in CAEC is open to all Cuyahoga County 501(c)(3) organizations engaged in arts education activities within the county and Northeast Ohio for a minimum of two years. Member organizations are asked to provide at least one representative to attend sessions. Staff of member organizations are also asked to share program and staffing information for CAEC records, resource materials, surveys and the CAEC website. Membership dues are tiered at $50, $75 or $100 per year based on each organization's annual budget. Special organizational dues scholarship assistance is available on an as-needed basis, and must be requested in writing or in person to the manager of the Cleveland Arts Education Consortium.