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Great Lakes Light Opera

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Great Lakes Light Opera

Great Lakes Light Opera
1040 Pennfield Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121

Phone: (352) 216-5065
Office hours vary

Megan Thompson, Executive Director/Artistic Director
Mark Swinerton, Director of Youth Education and In-School Learning
Reid Taylor, Director of Adult Education and Lecturer-in-Residence
Alejandra Martinez, Director of Community Outreach and Opera Avengers Host

Great Lakes Light Opera will offer Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio community an educational and outreach-focused/oriented opera company that seeks to connect with all audiences, from the seasoned opera-goer to those with no previous exposure to classical music of any kind.  


  • For Grades Pre-K-12 - It’s MY Story!, a lecture series that compares and contrast a piece of literature with its opera adaptation
  • For Grades 5-9 - Vocal Health for Teens, an introduction to the anatomy of the singer’s voice

We offer programs for elders and intergenerational groups, such as Opera Avengers, a monthly podcast, that are our educational podcast, providing a little insight into the world of opera; and Public Lecture Series, a lecture series that takes a looks opera’s theory/ history/text, and its connection to popular culture.