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Ohio Department of Education

Nancy Pistone, Ohio Department of Education Fine Arts Consultant, often participates in Cleveland Arts Education Consortium events. She is part of the team in Columbus that can answer questions concerning the new Fine Arts Academic Content Standards (ACS). For information regarding the Fine Arts ACS or fine arts in Ohio's schools, you can reach Nancy at:

Below are links to Nancy's arts newsletter and the Ohio Department of Education website.

Links and Threads an electronic newsletter for published by the Ohio Arts Council and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Links and Threads is presented to arts educators and partners to help them as they strive to make the arts a more integral part of core curriculum. The goal of the publication is to promote dialogue about arts integration and school improvement. Articles include success stories and news about current arts-related topics. Issues are listed with clickable pdf files.

Click here for Links and Threads link to electronic newsletters

Click here for Awards — this page contains a list of State of Ohio and national grant programs, fellowships and recognition programs that highlight exemplary teaching, students and schools.

Kathleen Cerveny Blog — arts & ideas

Kathleen Cerveny, Director of Evaluation and Institutional Learning for The Cleveland Foundation oversees the Creative Fusion Program. She regularly writes a thoughtful blog about the arts and arts education activities in Cleveland and surrounding communities. To go to her blog page, click:

Kathleen's recent "arts & idea" blog articles include "We are Responsible for the Audience’s Experience: Kapila Palihawadana, Choreographer" (September 2012); "What’s the “Green” We’re Talking About?" (June 2012); and "Losing Sight of the Shore" (June 2011).

Other Blogs

Arts Journal, the daily digest of arts, culture & ideas with articles in all fields from dance and theatre to music and visual art as well as listings, includes an insightful interview with conductor Gustavo Dudamel, “Gustavo Dudamel Talks About Building An Orchestra In LA,” in the Music section and several articles about Chicago’s Mayor Daley in the Issues section, notably one titled “Richard M. Daley, Arts Mayor.” The Arts Journal website also lists a thoughtful article about dance titled “Time To Put The Dance Back In Dance?” in the Dance section as well as a great story about opera in London, “London’s Newest Opera House Is In A Pub” in the Music section and a fun-filed article in the Theatre section, “Theatre’s Baby Boom.” There’s much more. Enjoy browsing and reading.

Americans for the Arts features blog articles on its website. Check it out to find up-to-date articles about arts and arts education throughout the country. The September 24th blog page includes post by Tim Mikulski about opportunities to pose questions to the President via the Education Nation website for a September 27th Matt Lauer interview.

Read "Can the Arts Contribute to Healthier Aging?" in the Dana Press blog. September 14th, The National Academics of Sciences hosted a workshop, "Research Gaps and Opportunities for Exploring the Relationship of the Arts to Health and Well-Being in Older Adults" in collaboration with the National Endowment for the Arts and three divisions of the National Institutes of Health where experts from the health and arts fields discussed current arts and aging research.

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