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"Images" is aired twice each week. The program can be heard Sundays on 93.1 WZAK-FM (6:00 AM) and on 89.3 WCSB-FM (Wednesdays at 12:30 PM). The two airdates listed reflects the dates of the Sunday and Wednesday airings, respectively.

To Be Shared With All Generations and All Cultures

December 2009    
12/20 and 12/23 Keisha McMillan and Pat McMillan
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
12/27 and 12/30
Daniel Desta and Esaya Araya
Host: Prester Pickett
"Bridges to Africa - Part II"
12/13 and 12/16 Daniel Desta and Esayas Araya
Host: Prester Pickett
"Bridges to Africa"
12/06 and 12/09 Brother Abdul Qahhar
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"New Black Panther Party Events in Community"
November 2009    
11/29 and 12/02 Mr. Johnny Dent
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"Community Issues"
11/22 and 11/25 Karl Norm
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"The Revolutionary Party in the United States"
11/15 and 11/18 Eric King and Ebony Flight
Host: Prester Pickett
"Who's In Your Circle"
11/08 and 11/11 Gregory Huskisson;
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"History and Background"
11/01 and 11/04 Adam Morgan;
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"Boys to Men"
October 2009    
10/25 and 10/28 Dr. Fred Hord
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"Update on ABCC Conference"
10/18 and 10/21 Audrey Wiggins
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"Women Entrepreneurs"
10/11 and 10/14 Former Councilman Bill Patton
Host: Prester Pickett
"Background and Accomplishments"
10/4 and 10/7 Timothy Eppinger, Renee Whiteside and Brenda Abrams
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"CAAA Anniversary Celebration:
September 2009    
9/27 and 9/30 Norm, Karl
Host: Dr. Michael Williams
"The Revolutionary Party of the United States"
9/20 and 9/23 Steve Acy and Caroline Jackson Smith
Host: Prester Pickett
9/13 and 9/16 Dr. Fred Hord
Host: Dr. M. Williams
"ABCC Conference"
9/6 and 9/9 Reverend Anthony Chappell
Host: Dr. M. Williams
"Insights, Wisdoms and Adventures"
August 2009    
8/30 and 9/2 Brother Abdul Qahhar; Host, Dr. M. Williams "New Black Panther Party"
8/23 and 8/26 Dennis Cash; Host, P.Pickett "Michael Jackson Tribute"
8/16 and 8/19 Darlene Willis; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Black Alumni Association"
8/9 and 8/12 Zizwe Tchiguka; Host: Dr. M. Williams "A-APRP (A Study)"
8/2 and 8/5 Kevin Heard; Host, Dr. M. Williams "President Obama and Lewis Gates' Saga"
July 2009    
7/26 and 7/29 Sandra English and Iesha Houston; Host, P. Pickett "Routing Students Into the Field of Law"
7/19 and 7/22 Dr. Fred Hord; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Association of Black Cultural Centers"
7/12 and 7/15 Barbara McEachern, Tor Y Smith and Darius Ellison; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Freedom School"
7/05 and 7/08 Damien Ware; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Fatherhood Initiative"
June 2009    
6/28 and 7/01 Debra Mardenborough-White; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Hopsice Care"
6/21 and 6/24 Rufus Darkortey; Host, P. Pickett "The Liberian Association of Cleveland"
6/14 and 6/17 Adam Morgan, David Mallie and Kevin Heard; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Wheels of Steel Weekend"
6/7 and 6/10 Oretha Barnett; Host, P. Pickett "New Staff Person in the Black Studies Program"
May 2009    
5/31 and 6/3 Nathan Phillips; Host, P. Pickett Motivational Speaking as: "Edutainment"
5/24 and 5/27 Damien Ware; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Fatherhood Initiative"
5/17 and 5/20 K. Robinson, P. Pruo and J. Seifullah; Host, P. Pickett "ARCO Inc."
5/10 and 5/13 Patricia "Ma" Washington and Tammy Fluellen; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Mother's Day"
5/3 and 5/6 Adam Morgan; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Mental Illness"
April 2009    
4/26 and 4/29 Dr. L. Crenshaw, A. Thomas and R. Smith; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Child Welfare Program"
4/19 and 4/22 Butler Reid; Host, Dr. M.Williams "The Artist and His Art/Part II (The Barack Obama Art Work)"
4/12 and 4/15 Bro. Rafiq and Sister Ebony; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Black Poetic"
4/5 and 4/8 Butler Reid; Host, Dr. M. Williams "The Artist and His Art (The Barack Obama Art Work)"
March 2009    
3/29 and 4/1 Luke Davis, Jr. and Jihad Seifullah; Host, Prester Pickett "Fatherhood Initiative (ARCA)"
3/22 and 3/25 Dr. Donna Whyte and Mary Wilson; Host, Dr. M. Williams "The Urban Community Forum"
3/15 and 3/18 Harry Washington; Host, Prester Pickett "CSU Security"
3/8 and 3/11 Gerald Henley and Donna Walker-Brown; Host, Dr. M. Williams "East Technical High School"
3/1 and 3/4 Brother Zizwe; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Pan Africanism"
February 2009    
2/22 and 2/25 Tony Harris and Jasmine Merriweather; Host, Prester Pickett "Madam C. J. Walker Extravaganza"
2/15 and 2/18 Brother Qahhar and Brother Zizwe; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Barack Obama and Black History Month"
2/8 and 2/11 Chad Stephens, Charles Mayle, Latoya Samuels & Damond Harris; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Importance of Black History Month"
2/1 and 2/4 Justin Vaughn; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Barack Obama"
January 2009    
1/25 and 1/28

Alice Seifullah, Jihad Seifullah and Vivian Sharp; Host, Prester Pickett

"Cultural Arts/MLK, Jr. Celebration"
1/18 and 1/21 Host, Dr. Michael Williams "Martin Luther King, Jr. Tribute"
1/11 and 1/14 Johnnie Dent; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Election of Barack Obama" and J. Dent's New Book
1/4 and 1/7 The Hue People; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Performance and Background Information"


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