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"Images" is aired twice each week. The program can be heard Sundays on 93.1 WZAK-FM (6:00 AM) and on 89.3 WCSB-FM (Wednesdays at 12:30 PM). The two airdates listed reflects the dates of the Sunday and Wednesday airings, respectively.

To Be Shared With All Generations and All Cultures

December 2008    
12/28 and 12/31 Keesha McMillan and Patricia McMillan; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Kwanzaa Background" Event Dec. 27th, 4:30 to 9:30 pm, at St. Joseph of Collinwood, 14405 St. Clair Avenue
12/21 and 12/24 Arana Lynch; Host, Dr. M. Williams Discussion of Book: "Straight, No Chaser"
12/14 and 12/17 Sister Jewel Jackson; Host, Dr. M. Williams "African Soul Int'l. Dance Troupe"
12/7 and 12/10 Thione Niang and Latino Knotts; Host: Prester Pickett "Got Hope - What's Next?"
11/30 and 12/03 A.Q.Martin; Host: Dr. M. Williams Book Review: "Shadow Dancing"
November 2008    
11/23 and 11/26 Sunsara Taylor; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Sunsara Taylor's Beliefs"
11/16 and 11/19 Dr. Regennia Williams; Host, Prester Pickett "Spiritual Gifts Ensemble"
11/9 and 11/12 Antonio Stallworth, April Adams, Christopher Bryant and Desiree Dial; Host, Dr. M. Williams "2008 Past Election Discussion with CSU Students"
11/2 and 11/5 Shaunte' Jackson, Tina Riley and Antonic Stallworth; Host, Dr. M. Williams "2008 Elections"
October 2008    
10/26 and 10/29 Dennis Reynolds; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Benny Golson/Jazz Heritage Orchestra Special Concert"
10/19 and 10/22 Eleanor Thurman; Host, Prester Pickett Part II of "1941 A Radio Play About Voter Registration"
10/12 and 10/15 Devin Branch; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Coalition to Stop Police Brutality"
10/5 and 10/8 Karim Ahmad, Elizabeth Ruiz and Jentry Harris; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Black Student Union"
September 2008    
9/28 and 10/1 Elizabeth Okwudi; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Transition from Nigeria to the United States"
9/21 and 9/24 Artis Gaines and Quentin Q-Nice Finley; Host, Prester Pickett "The RAP Art Youth Fellowship Program"
9/14 and 9/17 Artis Gaines and Quentin Q-Nice Finley; Host, Prester Pickett "Cleveland As An Edutainment Mecca"
9/7 and 9/10

Dr. L. Crenshaw, S. Dupree and. C.Lanier; Host, Dr. M. Williams

"National Assocication of Black Social Workers"
August 2008    
8/31 and 9/3 Brother Abdul Qahhar; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Marcus Garvey"
8/24 and 8/27 Edna M. Duffy; Host, PresterPickett "Duffy's Liturgical Dancers"
8/17 and 8/20 Adam Morgan, Aaron Reynolds and Bryant West; Host, Dr. M. Williams "International Men of Excellence Programs and Events"
8/10 and 8/13 Frederica Mayes and Dianna McDaniel; Host, Dr. M. Williams "BEMAD"
8/3 and 8/6 Dr. Adrienne Gosselin and Eleanor Thurman; Host, R.R. Reese "1941" A Radio Play About Voter Registration"
July 2008    
7/27 and 7/30 Carl Williams; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Black Culture International Parade"
7/20 and 7/23 Empress Siddiqah Henighan; Host, Prester Pickett "Life Coaching"
7/13 and 7/16 Marcus Kilgore and Percy Dangerfield; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Black Airline Pilots"
7/6 and 7/9 Dr. Regennia Willliams; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Barack Obama"
June 2008    
6/29 and 7/2 Rufus Darkortey; Host, Prester Pickett "Liberia's 161" Independence Day Celebration and Fundraiser Ball"
6/22 and 6/25 Glenn Brackens; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Evening With the Maestros - June 28th @ 6:00 PM in the Waetjen Auditorium"
6/15 and 6/18 Gregory Mills El; Host, Prester Pickett "Pen Power Progress Poetry Fest. 2008"
6/8 and 6/11 Flo Roberts and Anthony Roundtree; Host, R. R. Reese "Black Faculty & Staff Organization"
6/1 and 6/4 Thomas Cargill and Juanita Hewlett; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Tuskegee Airmen"
May 2008    
5/25 and 5/28 Dominique Bridges and Bill "Silver B" Richards; Host: Prester Pickett "Silver "B" In the Mix"
5/18 and 5/21 Dr. Henia Johnson; Host: Dr. M. Williams "Trials and Tribulations of Being Homeless"
5/11 and 5/14 Bro. Abdul Qahhar and Emam Shariff; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Unknown Facts About Malcom X"
5/4 and 5/7 Fatima Perkins and Ron Roberts; Host: Dr. M. Williams "Anna V. Brown Event"
April 2008    
4/27 and 4/30 Roy-Allen Bumpers, Rayshawn Lowe and Gavin Bowman; Host: P. Pickett "Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity"
4/20 and 4/23 Bro. T. Ziyad and Sis. K. Dias; Host: Dr. M. Williams "Healthy Family"-Part II
4/13 and 4/16 C-Life; Host: Dr. M. Williams "A Positive Rap Artist"
4/6 and 4/9 Sonja Salaam; Host: R.R. Reese Discussion of Book: "RL's Dreams" by Walter Mosley
March 2008    
3/30 and 4/2 Jala Khateeb, Abdul Ameen and Douglas Houston; Host, Dr. Michael R. Williams "Creation of Black Poetic Society"
3/23 and 3/26 Edwin Hubbard; Host, P. Pickett "God's Trombones"
3/16 and 3/19 Kisha McMillan and Jeanette Conners; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Extended Family"
3/9 and 3/12 Kisha Foster; Host, R.R. Reese Book: "Fear of the Dark" by Walter Mosley
3/2 and 3/5 Adam Morgan; Host, Dr. M. Williams "International Men of Excellence"
February 2008    
2/24 and 2/27 The Hue People; Host, Dr. M.Williams "Background and History"
2/17 and 2/20 Kisha Foster; Host, R.R. Reese Discussion of Book "Fealess Jones" by Walter Mosley
2/10 and 2/13 K. Dias and T. Ziyad; Host Dr. M.Williams "Healthy Family"
2/3 and 2/6 L. Onesto; Host: Dr. M. Williams "Revolution"
January 2008    
1/27 and 1/30 Jamal Abraham; Host: Dr. M. Williams "21st Century Vision for Black America"
1/20 and 1/23 Eric Siler, M.F.A.; Host: P. Pickett "African American Lives 2" Ideastream
1/13 and 1/16 Prester Pickett, Host: Dr. M. Williams "MLK Celebration Activities"
1/6 and 1/9 Suzanne Cofield; Host: R.R. Reese Discussion of Walter Mosley's Book: "Walkin' the Dog"


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