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"Images" is aired twice each week. The program can be heard Sundays on 93.1 WZAK-FM (6:00 AM) and on 89.3 WCSB-FM (Wednesdays at 12:30 PM). The two airdates listed reflects the dates of the Sunday and Wednesday airings, respectively.

To Be Shared With All Generations and All Cultures

December 2007    
12/30 and 1/2/08 Milton Katz and Dr. Neil Katz, Host: P. Pickett "Tribute to Coach John McLendon, Jr."
12/23 and 12/25 Kisha Foster; Host: R.R.Reese Discussion of Walter Mosley's Book: "Devil In A Blue Dress"
12/16 and 12/19 R. Scott, W. Johnson and Sister H. Bell-Bey; Host: P. Pickett Positive Hip Hop Comptetition - "Rapp Search"
12/9 and 12/12 Bro. Abdul Qahhar and Bro. Abdul Muhammad; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Crisis In The Black Community"
12/2 and 12/5 Dr. Elice Rogers, Jonathan Messemer and Catherine Hansman; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Adult Learning Program"
November 2007    
11/25 and 11/28 Johnnie Dent and Adam Morgan; Host, Dr. M. Williams "Growing Up In Cleveland"
11/18 and 11/21 Sister Parvati, Host: Dr. M. Williams "Eat Your Way To Health"
11/11 and 11/14 Keisha Foster, Host: R.R. Reese Discussion of Walter Mosley's Book: "Always Outnumbered - Always Outgunned"
11/4 and 11/7 Dr. Henia Johnson, Host: Dr.M.Williams "Felons and Lack of Work/Senate Bill 171"
October 2007    
10/28 and 10/31 Kala Savage, Host: P. Pickett "Kala and the Black Studies Ambassadors"
10/21 and 10/24 Tamika Herkley and Diane Boyd Host, Dr. M. Williams "Your Community/Your Country - Help! I Need A Makeover"
10/14 and 10/17 Gerald Mims, Host, P. Pickett "Ivory-Mims Productions"
10/7 and 10/10 Aminah Thomas, Host, R.R.Reese "Graduate Studies at Cleveland State University"
September 2007    
9/30 and 10/3 Tabatha Walton, Host, Dr.M.Wms. "Jena Six March"
9/23 and 9/26 Johnnie Dent, Jr., Host Dr. M.Williams Book: "Su.Gar Boy"
9/16 and 9/19 Dr. Mary Myers, Host, R.R. Reese "Student Organizations Challenges"
9/9 and 9/12 Brother Abdul Qahhar and Brother Abdul Karim Muhammad, Host, Dr. M. Williams "State of Emergency in the African American Community"
9/2 and 9/5 Adam Morgan, Host, Dr. M. Williams "The International Men of Excellence Inc."
August 2007  
8/26 and 8/29 Choir -La Compagnia della Gru, Host, P.Pickett "Welcome Program for La Compagnia della Gru"
8/19 and 8/22 Herb Thomas, Clifton Beasley, Michael Brown, Lady Gilmore and Dana Anderson, Host, Dr.Wms. "Movement of Spirit & Soul: A Praise Dance Celebration"
8/12 and 8/15 Dr. Regennia Williams, Host,R.R.Reese "Initiative for the Study of Religion and Spirituality in the H istory of Africa and the Diaspora (R.A.S.H.A.D.)"
8/5 and 8/8 John Harriston and Juanita Hewlett, Host, Dr.Wms. "NASA"
July 2007    
7/29 and 8/1 Clifton J. Brown, Host,Dr. Wms. "Reflections In Black Museum Inc."
7/22 and 7/25 Tiffany Hudson, Juanita McKim and Derryl Tanner, Host,P.Pickett "Fam Films"
7/15 and 7/18 Ronald McLin, Al Sanders and Juanita Hewlett, Host,Dr. Wms. "Tuske Airmen/Black Pilots Association - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE"
7/8 and 7/11 Shermaine Johnson and Tenisha Hullum, Host, R.R. Reese "Youth Employment Project at Friendly Inn Settlement House."
7/1 and 7/4 Michael W. Gay, Host Dr. Wms. "Fatherhood"
June 2007    
6/24 and 6/27 W. Allen Taylor, Host P. Pickett "Walkin Talkin Bill Hawkins"
6/17 and 6/20 Caleb Johnson, Omar Valentin and Emmanuel Marrero, Host Dr. Wms. Upward Bound: "Father's Day"
6/10 and 6/13 Donna Walker, Host, R.R. Reese Book: "Ghetto Health"
6/3 and 6/6 Carl Williams "Black Culture International on Parade"
May 2007    
5/27 and 5/30 Thomas Cargill and Juanita Hewlett "Tuskegee Airmen"
5/20 and 5/23 Bolaji Orimoloye and Lawrence Edem "Bridges to Africa"
5/13 and 5/16 Ceray Doss Williams Discussion of "Dancing With Moms Nat'l. Competition & Position as Interim Director for the Upward Bound Program"
5/6 and 5/9 Dr. Adrienne Gosselin "The Vindicator" A Free Multicultural Magazine
April 2007    
4/29 and 05/02 Raford Odom "Tools for Success"
4/22 and 4/25 Brother Mukasa Dada "The Role of the Students in the Struggle for Black Power"
4/15 and 4/18 Lady Gilmore, Sharon Chalklett, Donna Nelson and Joyce Robinson "Lady Gilmore and Friends"
4/8 and 4/11 Sister Malika Joseph "Sister to Sister Works"
4/1 and 4/4 Michael Payne "Journeys To Becoming A CSU Student"
March 2007    
3/25 and 3/28 Dr. Valerie Cooper "Grt. Cleve. Medical Tutorial & Training Services, Inc."
3/18 and 3/21 Brother Damu - El "Moorish Science Temple of America #7"
03/11 and 03/14 Dr. Dwayne Wright & Dottie Loretz "Student Activism In Retrospect"
03/04 and 03/07 William E. Boswell Book: "Success by Instinct"
February 2007    
02/25 and 02/28 Calvin Knight "Technical Theater at Karamu House"
02/18 and 02/21 Abdul Amin "African American Student Dialogue Group"
02/11 and 02/14 Prester Pickett "Black History Month - II"
02/04 and 02/07 Ruth Ryida Reese "Black History Month - I "
January 2007    
01/28 and 01/31 James Davis "Black Greek Organizations: The Foundation"
01/21 and 01/24 Hattie Hemphill & Lisa Bosnick "Nat'l. Council of Negro Women"
01/14 and 01/17 Good Things (4 musicians) "About Their Music"
01/07 and 01/10 Kisha Foster & Sulieman Thornton Tombouctou Book Club: "True to the Game"


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