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"Images" is aired twice each week. The program can be heard Sundays on 93.1 WZAK-FM (6:00 AM) and on 89.3 WCSB-FM (Wednesdays at 12:30 PM). The two airdates listed reflects the dates of the Sunday and Wednesday airings, respectively.

To Be Shared With All Generations and All Cultures

December 2006    
12/31 and 01/03 Pete Whitt "Center for Health Equity"
12/24 and 12/27 Prof. C. Smith & Mr. B. Griffin "Police/Community Relationships and Sleep Deprivation Chamber"
12/16 and 12/20 Maureed Kamal "Glaucoma"
12/10 and 12/13 Prester Pickett "Black History Month"
12/03 and 12/06 Dr. M. Nair and Jennifer Maudley "CSU Social Work & Hurricane Katrina's Student Volunteer Help Trip"
November 2006    
11/26 and 11/29 Brother Abdul Qahhar "New Black Panther Party"
11/19 and 11/22 Dr. Francis Dorsey "KSU African Community Theater"
11/12 and 11/15 Dr. Charles Jones "The Black Panther Party Reconsidered"
11/05 and 11/08 Kisha Foster and Nadirah Rahman Tombouctou Book Club/Review of Sister Souljah "The Coldest Winter Ever"
October 2006    
10/29 and 11/01 Dr. Jomo Mutegi "Sankore Institute & the Vanguard Program"
10/22 and 10/25 Jeanne Madison and Gil Cody "History of Ethiopia Social Dance in the African American Community"
10/15 and 10/18 Terrence Spivey Play "Gospel, Gospel, Gospel"
10/08 and 10/11 Daniel Gray-Kontar "Black Noise - Rap Music"
10/02 and 10/04 Dr. Kenshaka Ali "Introduction to the Community"
September 2006    
9/24 and 9/27 Yolanda Burt & D. Blankenship "Ethiopia--"
9/17 and 9/20 M.Seabrook & S. Whaley "Blackwell for Governor"
9/10 and 9/13 Dr. D. Wright, Host Ruth R. Reese "Tombouctou Book Club"
9/03 and 9/06 J. Joiner & A. Birchtram "National Recovery Month"
August 2006    
8/27 and 8/30 Dr. Y. Saaka, Host Dr. M. Williams "Importance of Black Studies"
8/20 and 8/23 Dr. M. Chambas, Host Dr. M. Wms. "Economic Community of West Africa"
8/13 and 8/16 James Davis/Host Dr. M. Williams Part II: "Trilogy of Blk. Frats. and Sororities"
8/06 and 8/09 Erica Caldaron/Host Dr. M. Williams "Upward Bound Program"
July 2006    
7/30 and 8/02 Mittie Jordan/Host Dr. M. Williams "Mission In My Community"
7/23 and 7/26 Steve Boyd/Host: Dr. M. Williams "Condition of the Village"
7/16 and 7/19 James Davis/Host: Dr. M. Williams "Black Greek Fraternities & Sororities"
7/09 and 7/12 Carl Wms./Host: Dr. M. Williams "Black Culture International Parade"
7/02 and 7/05 Brother Abdul Qahhar "The New Black Panther Party"
June 2006    
6/25 and 6/28 Dean Louis Brownlowe "Retirement from Cleveland State University"
6/18 and 6/21 Dennis Reynolds "Jazz Heritage Orchestra"
6/11 and 6/14 Dr. Dwayne Wright "Black Studies Community Educ. Program"
6/04 and 6/07 Dr. Barbara Hoffman "The Importance of Black Studies"
May 2006    
5/28 and 5/31 Dr. Hugh Turner "Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome"
5/21 and 5/24 Dr. Paula English "Domestic Violence"
5/14 and 5/17 Reverend Joyce Peebles "The Importance of Spirituality"
5/07 and 5/10 George Jolly "Prostate Cancer & ASCAL Conference"
April 2006    
4/30 and 5/03 Dr. Mark Christian "Lost" UNIA Parade in Columbus, Ohio
4/23 and 4/26 Alicia Hayes and Prester Pickett "B.S. Black AmbassadoBrs"
4/16 and 4/19 Aaron Betts & Walter Walker "Aaron's Middle East Travels" and Youth Awareness Day"
4/09 and 4/12 Brenda Bey & Prester Pickett "Black Aspirations Week"
4/02 and 4/05 Rev. F. Smith & Min. A. Hayes "Manna House"
March 2006    
3/29 WCSB-FM Don R. Slocum "Importance of Leadership Institute"
3/26 WZAK-FM Akil Marshall "Dance Afrika Dance"
3/22 WCSB-FM Akil Marshall "Dance Afrika Dance"
3/19 WZAK-FM Akil Marshall (Rec'd. Blank CD) "Dance Afrika Dance" (Was Not Able to Air)
3/12 and 3/15 Carolyn Williams & Kevin Rodgers "Concerned Partners In Education"
3/05 and 3/08 Gayle Gadison Book: "Echos of a Distant Summer"
February 2006    
2/26 and 2/29 Carl Williams "Upcoming 2006 Cultural Parade"
2/19 and 2/22 Robert Rocha "Native American & Underground Railroad"
2/12 and 2/15 Bro. A. Qahhar & Dr. B. Williams "Black History Month"
2/05 and 2/08 Joyce Green Novel: "Standing at the Scratch Line"
January 2006    
1/29 and 2/01 Dr. Sanza Clark & Prester Pickett "Town Hall Mtg. & Black History Month"
1/22 and 1/25 H. Hadley, S. Awad & N. Nunley "Yo Cleveland Youth Program"
1/16 and 1/19 Sister Sonya Edge "Discussion of Sonya's New Book of Poems"
1/08 and 1/11 Brother Akil Marshall Upcoming Event: "Baba King Presentation"
1/01 and 1/04 Freda Green and Toni Morgan "The Importance of Organ Donations"


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