Mission Statement

The Bioethics Center is an interdisciplinary resource for the faculty, students, and members of the community interested in bioethics research, education, and consultation in the region. The Center is to enhance the visibility of topics in bioethics -- health care ethics, protection of human subjects in health research, health law and policy -- for research, training, and development across disciplines on campus and across professional associations in the community.

The Center is to enhance the University's value to the community it serves by supporting the activities and services of the Bioethics Network of Ohio and joining with it and other associations of health professionals in developing programs related to the ethical questions they face.

The Center aims to raise the level of awareness in the region of ethical issues arising during end of life care, changes in the technology of care, changes in the health care access and financing, and changes in health administration law and professional liability through an annual conference, lectures, occasional publications, press releases, and speakers bureau.

The Center aims to strengthen the University curriculum by linking courses and scholars dealing with ethical issues in different education programs preparing people for health professions and bringing to campus programs and conferences enhancing the academic experience of their students and faculty.

The Bioethics Center is an interdisciplinary agency of the Philosophy Department in conjunction with the Bioethics Network of Ohio. Associates of the Bioethics Center includes members of the faculties of the colleges of arts and social sciences, law, education, science, and urban affairs at CSU and professional bioethicists associated with ethics committees of area hospitals and colleges and universities of Greater Cleveland and Ohio. Its activities are coordinated with the Philosophy Department's program of advanced study in bioethics.