Associates of the Bioethics Center

Cleveland State Members

Jennifer Alexander, Associate Professor, Public Administration, Levin College of Urban Affairs
Joseph P. DeMarco, Ph.D., Professor, Philosophy
Martin T. Harvey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Samuel A. Richmond, Ph.D., Professor, Philosophy
Allyson Robichaud, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Dena Davis, J.D., Ph.D., Professor, College of Law
Larry Foster, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Social Work
Marjorie Y. Placek, MBA, MNEd, MN, School of Nursing
Douglas Stewart, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Economics

Community Members

James Barlow, Th.M., Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Independent Bioethics Consultant
Paul Ford, Ph.D., Department of Bioethics, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cynthia Griggins, Ph.D., Bioethicist, University Hospitals
Donna Homenko, Ph.D., Professor, Allied Health-Dental Hygiene, Bioethics, Cuyahoga Community College
Larita Kaspar, RN, MSN, Nurse Ethicist, Professor, Division of Allied Health and Nursing, Lorain County Community College
Martin Kohn, Ph.D., Co-director, Center for Literature in Medicine, Hiram College
George Weiner, Ph.D., William and Elizabeth Treuhaft Chair for Health Planning and Research, The Center for Community Solutions
Kathryn Weise, M.A., M.D., Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Department of Bioethics, Cleveland Clinic Foundation