Anthropology Department

2008 Field School

Students learn to lay out test units for a site using a transit.


The CSU 2008 Summer Archaeology Field School was a great experience for me. We learned the very basic to the most miniscule procedures that were essential to archaeological work in the field from a very enthusiastic professor. We learned how to lay out transects to produce a grid/map for our work, dig shovel tests at specified intervals to figure out where to put our test units, how to do mind numbing but necessary stadia rod duty in the morning dew, machete through 5 feet high grass in order to have an area to work, how to record and distinguish what we found, recognize different types of layers of soil, and that was only some of what I learned in the field!

- Chhanchhaya Chham

2008 Summer Archaeology Field School Crew

Standing from left: Stephen Sump, Chhanchhaya Chham, Professor Phil Wanyerka, Vince Delgado, Michael Tataliba
Seated: Kayla Jarvis, Marcelina Sladewska, Laura Juengst
Note shown: Angela Toth