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The Testing Center manages CoursEval at Cleveland State University. Below are sample announcements for Blackboard courses and contact information for College Report Managers. If you have any questions regarding CoursEval, please contact your College Report Manager or the Testing Center at 216.687.2272 or

Add the CoursEval Link to Your Course Menu in Blackboard

CourseEval MenuFaculty can now add a link to CourseEval to their course menu in Blackboard Learn. From the top of your course menu, click the plus icon, select Tool Link and then navigate to CoursEval. This will add the link for CourseEval to the students' menu, making it more convenient for them to access Course Evaluations.

Text for Reminder Announcements in Blackboard

Below are two documents containing announcements that can be used inside your course in Blackboard to remind students of the online course evaluation. You can edit or place the text in an announcement in Blackboard. The Center for eLearning suggests instructors select the popup option so that students will see the message when they log in.

Blackboard CourseEval Announcement - Plain Text
This text document contains wording for a CourseEval online course evaluation reminder that can be copied and pasted into the announcement window in Blackboard. This message will not have any special formatting; it will appear as plain text only.

Blackboard CourseEval Announcement - PDF
This document contains the content of the announcement as well as the HTML coding to format the message. This content can be copied and pasted into the announcement window in Blackboard. This message will be formatted for you. Be sure to select the HTML button at the bottom of area where you enter an announcement.

                      CoursEval Report Manager by College
For assistance viewing and exporting results from CoursEval please contact your college Report Manager.
Department Name Email Phone
Business Bess Antol x3726
Business Karen Hammon x9724
Education Jennifer Pawlik x7181
Nursing Marjorie Placek x3887
Engineering Joanne Hundt x2558
Engineering Paul Lin x2556
ESL Michele Bowman x9904
Liberal Arts and Sciences Bill Morgan x3660
Science Rose Carrabine x9815
Urban Valerie Hicks x5262
University Studies Karen Lieske x5537

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