Who do I contact for HELP?

Who do I contact for HELP?

If you have questions, do not hesitate to get help from any of the following sources:

  • Faculty Advisor
  • Course Instructor
  • Education Student Services Center (JH 170A; 216-687-4625)
  • TaskStream Mentoring Services 800-311-5656
  • Center for Educational Technology (JH 118)
  • College of Education and Human Services TaskStream web page
  • Coordinator of Assessment and Accreditation Heather Gallacher 216-687-3743

We are optimistic that your portfolio experience will be professionally rewarding, if you do each of these things:

  • Follow the steps in this handbook
  • Listen to the advice of advisors and instructors
  • Adhere to the written directions included in TaskStream
  • Seek assistance when needed

We wish you good luck in your program and continued success in your teaching career.