Turning to Teachers for Leadership - Teacher Leader Endorsement


Director Deborah Morin Ph.D

Turning to Teachers for Leadership


To be successful in maximizing the education of all students, schools are moving beyond relying on principals alone to fulfill all of the leadership needs in the school environment. Increasingly, schools will be turning to experienced teachers to provide leadership beyond their classroom to help guide school improvement.

Teacher Leader Endorsement


House Bill 1 in the Ohio legislature created a position called “lead teacher,” also known as Teacher Leader. In connection with the new Resident Educator program for entry and beginning teachers, the Ohio Department of Education has established a Teacher Leader Endorsement which can be added to a professional educator license.

This endorsement will prepare teacher leaders to support, mentor, and work with newly employed teachers in their residency period.

Besides successfully completing the required course work, each candidate must also demonstrate teaching practice at the distinguished level according to the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession.

Graduates will Demonstrate the Ability to:


  • Use evidenced-based principles of effective leadership and teacher learning
  • Use data-based decision making and evidenced-based practice
  • Facilitate a collaborative learning culture
  • Support professional learning and improved teaching practice


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