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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)



Teacher Education


Program Overview

The Programs in TESOL at Cleveland State University offer professional training to students planning

to teach English as a foreign or second language in a variety of settings.


TESOL Program Learning Objectives:

Students in the TESOL programs will:

• Learn about the nature of language and the psychological processes involved in first (L1) and second (L2) language acquisition;

• Develop awareness of the process of language variation and change in different social environments;

• Increase knowledge and sensitivity to cultural diversity;

• Apply past and current theories of second language acquisition in the L2 classroom;

• Develop skills to implement current teaching methods in L2 education;

• Improve their ability to prepare L2 materials using available technology.


Depending on future plans, students may choose to:

• Pursue an M.Ed in TESOL in order to teach overseas, at community college ESL programs, or private schools;

• Pursue an endorsement in TESOL added to an existing Ohio teaching license and teach in the public

school system; or

• Complete courses to receive a Graduate TESOL certificate that will allow them to teach EFL abroad or teach ESL at local programs for immigrants and refugees.

TESOL/NCATE Standards for P12 Teacher Education Programs (http://www.tesol.org/)


Program Requirements:


Master’s Degree – M.ED. TESOL (32 credits)

TESOL Specialization Courses (3 credits each, 21 total)

• Diversity in Educational Settings (EDC 500)

• Second Language Learning and Pedagogy (EDL 506)

• Instructional Methods in TESOL (EDL 507)

• Applied Linguistics for Teachers (EDL 508)

• Assessment and Evaluation in the ESL/Bilingual Classroom (EDL 509)

• Pedagogical Grammar (EDL 510)

• Practicum in TESOL (EST 573)


Core Educational Course Topics (14 credits total in 4 areas)

• Curriculum Development (3 credits)

• Educational Research (5 credits)

• Human Development (3 credits)

• Social Foundations (3 credits)


Exit Requirement (one of the following):

• Comprehensive Exam;

• Project

• Thesis


TESOL Certificate (15 credits)

The TESOL Certificate Program acquaints students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to teach English as a second language. CSU offers both an Undergraduate and Graduate certificate in TESOL. All courses are cross‑listed and can be taken at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

• Second Language Learning and Pedagogy (EDL 506 - 406)

• Instructional Methods in TESOL (EDL 507- 407)

• Applied Linguistics for Teachers (EDL 508 - 408)

• Assessment and Evaluation in the ESL/Bilingual Classroom (EDL 409 - 509)

• Pedagogical Grammar (EDL 410 - 510)


TESOL Endorsement (21 credits):

Candidates for the TESOL Endorsement must complete all 7 TESOL specialization courses and pass the OAE content exam, English to Speakers of Other Languages. This option is only available to individuals who already have a valid Ohio state provisional, professional, or permanent teaching certificate or license. All courses are cross‑listed and can be taken at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

• Diversity in Educational Settings (EDC 300/500)

• Second Language Learning and Pedagogy (EDL 406/506)

• Instructional Methods in TESOL (EDL 407/507)

• Applied Linguistics for Teachers (EDL 408/508)

• Assessment and Evaluation in the ESL/Bilingual Classroom (EDL 409/509)

• Pedagogical Grammar (EDL 410/510)


Practicum in TESOL (EST 473/573) (120 hours)

Registration for practicum assumes successful completion of all 6 courses prior to application and approval of the Office of Field Services.

For more information on practicum registration and guidelines, as well as practicum waiver requirements, please visit:

Office of Field Services (/cehs/office‑of‑field‑services/office‑of‑fieldservices) in Julka Hall 187.


Admission requirements



Application for Graduate Admission and $30 application fee;

One official copy of transcripts from all institutions where you obtained a bachelor's degree;

A cumulative undergraduate GPA 2.75 or above is required if degree is 1 one year old, GPA of 3.0 or above if degree is more than six years old



Non- native speakers of English must obtain a TOFEL score 65 (internet-based) or 525 (written exam), or equivalent in IELTS or ITEP proficiency tests. Students will have the opportunity to take ESL courses in the English Language Institute at CSU to improve their skills.


Completion of the advanced level with a grade of 80% or above in CSU's Intensive Language Program.


For more information on admission requirements, visit the College Advising Office (ESCC) in Julka Hall 170.

For more information about the TESOL programs at CSU, visit the Teacher Education Department, in Julka Hall 302, 216.687.45745