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Small Groups: - Possible content:


Small Groups:

We can create special small group programs for a week, a month or a semester.

Short-term groups (less than a semester) are usually limited to the Summer session between the end of May and beginning of August due to housing constraints. However, we are always willing to look into options.

We need at least three months preparation time for English for Special Purposes, two months for standard ESL classes. There must be a minimum of 10 students at the same proficiency level.

To begin a discussion of curriculum content and time, please contact us:

Michele Bowman, Ph.D
ESL Program Director

Alevtyna Kolomyets, M.Ed.
ESL Program Coordinator

216 875 9669

Possible content:
English for Business Purposes
English for Health Professionals (Nurses)
English for Tourists (Could accompany local cultural locations)

Possible Time frames
Summer 2014
May 19- August 8, 2014 (any time within these dates)
Housing confirmation needed by April 1, 2014.

Times during the Semester vary. Housing depends on availability on campus.

For more information, contact:

Michele Bowman, Ph.D.
Director, ESL Program/Intensive English Language Program
2121 Euclid Avenue, JH 314
Cleveland State University
Cleveland, OH 44115

Campus Address:
ESL Program - Teacher Education Department
2485 Euclid Avenue, Julka Hall 314
Cleveland, OH 44115
Email: esl@csuohio.edu