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CHAMPS (Careers in Health and Medical Professions)

Program Overview

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Robert L. Ferguson Ph. D
Office: JH 347
Phone:  216-687-5240
Email:  r.l.ferguson1@csuohio.edu 
Email: csuchamps@gmail.com

The CHAMPS program is an academically enriching and personally rewarding experience that introduces high school students to a wide variety of high-wage, high-skills careers in health and medicine. It seeks to improve their knowledge and understanding in Science and Mathematics, enhance the regional health science education pipeline, and transition a greater number of high school students into pre-professional health career programs in college. An important aspect of this program is introducing students to health professions early in their academic career through authentic learning experiences and professionals in the field.

Our curriculum is multidisciplinary and promotes problem solving by completing hands-on research activities and projects. These experiences transform students into medical detectives, challenging them to explore health and disease using CSU’s research laboratories, equipment, and resources. Students engage in learning opportunities with CSU students & faculty, medical doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

Four unique yet interrelated purposes drive the CHAMPS program. Specifically, the CHAMPS program seeks to:

  • deliver an academically enriching three-week summer institute anchored in science and mathematics.
  • increase awareness of health careers.
  • enhance academic skills with particular emphasis on deep learning.
  • improve 21st century skills.
The Summer Institute occurs on the CSU campus is open to Cleveland residence and 1st ring suburb high school students of Cleveland, and is offered at no cost through the generous support of the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and The Cleveland Foundation. Lastly, we offer four (4) follow up activities for all participants during the school year.
Goals of the program
  • Build awareness of medical and health careers.
  • Increase knowledge in the sciences and math.
  • Enhance readiness for college.
  • Sharpen personal skills for the 21st century.
Application information

Applications for Summer Session 2017 (June 12, 2017 - June 30, 2017) are available below. Deadline for submission is March 25, 2017.