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Can I access TaskStream offline?

You must have an internet connection to edit your work in TaskStream and to perform real-time tasks.

You can, however, view your work offline by using TaskStream's Pack-It-Up feature to make copies of your work and download them to your computer. Begin by "packing up" selected web pages and rubrics that you created in TaskStream. Your package is converted into html format that can be opened and read outside TaskStream, and then it is zipped (compressed) for downloading to your computer. Once offline, you can save the package to your computer or to an external storage device such as a sufficiently large USB flash drive (aka "thumb drive" or "USB key") or, if your computer is equipped with this capability, burn it to a DVD or CD-Rom.

Please note that Pack-It-Up is designed for VIEWING work ONLY. It is not possible to import the downloaded work back into TaskStream, nor can you edit work on your computer with the TaskStream tool once it is downloaded.


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