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Taskstream Troubleshooting

I am not receiving emails from TaskStream.

One reason why this could be happening is that your email program is interpreting incoming TaskStream mail as spam, which is a term for junk mail. Spam is not typically stored in your Inbox, but rather in a folder specifically designed to hold unwanted mail.

Try the following:

  • Check your Junk E-mail folder for TaskStream-related emails.
  • Examine your mail options and check for spam blocking software.
  • If possible, add TaskStream as an accepted source for emails.

In the event that you have a Spam filter associated with your email account, please add the following to your address book:

  • taskstream_subscriptions@taskstream.com
  • notification@taskstream.com
  • help@taskstream.com

This ensures that TaskStream is recognized as an accepted site. Even if TaskStream is recognized as an accepted site by your email client, you may have opted out of receiving automated TaskStream emails and/or Message Center forwarding. You can manage your TaskStream email subscription preferences in My Account. See Email Subscriptions for details.


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