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What is Turnitin Originality Reporting?

Turnitin's online OriginalityCheck product helps reduce incidents of unoriginal writing and improper citation by digitally comparing student work against an extensive pool of web pages, student papers, publications and library databases. TaskStream's integration with Turnitin enables OriginalityCheck to be included as a preference when setting up a DRF Program. With this preference set, work added to a DRF by the Author triggers the generation of originality reports. The author's work is processed by Turnitin and a report is returned to the evaluator.

In addition to the Turnitin Originality Score, the full report includes a copy of the author's work with color-coded annotation to show incidents of potential plagiarism, unoriginal content and improper citation. Text comparison via Turnitin reclaims hours of time that instructors and evaluators would otherwise spend in such analysis, while insuring the integrity of author submissions to a far greater degree.


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