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How do I access TaskStream?

The following groups of students will use TaskStream (http://www.taskstream.com) to submit and manage their portfolios:

Undergraduate students who took EDB 300 in Fall 2012 or later
Graduate early childhood licensure students who took ECE 500 in Fall 2012 or later
Graduate special education licensure students who took ESE 500 in Fall 2012 or later
Students in the MUST or Chinese Licensure programs beginning Summer 2012 or later
Students who transferred to the College of Education and Human Services in Fall 2012 or later. Transfer students should refer to details about how the portfolio process works with transfer courses.

Any student who is not included in one of these groups and who has already submitted artifacts through ePortfolio will continue to use the ePortfolio system. (Refer to ePortfolio handbooks and instructional “Quicksheets” to help you navigate and use ePortfolio. You can find these materials online at http://www.csuohio.edu/cehs/students/eport.html)

All students using TaskStream will be charged a portfolio lab fee which covers the cost of a 4-year subscription to TaskStream. This fee will automatically be charged to EDB 300 students. Transfer students who receive credit for EDB 300 must visit the Education Student Services Center to pay this fee. Graduate licensure students will receive information from their program coordinator about how to pay the fee.

Once you have paid the fee, you will receive a key code to activate your TaskStream account. To begin your subscription activation, go to the TaskStream Home Page. Below the login area, click the “Subscribe/Renew Today” link.

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Select the option that applies to you. First time subscribers should select the “Create a new TaskStream subscription” option. You will use Subscription Option 2 because you will be provided with a key code by either your EDB 300 instructor or the Education Student Services Center.

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Follow the directions to complete the subscription purchase or activation process. Please ensure that you enter a valid email address so TaskStream can send your username and password to you. All email addresses are confidential and will not be made available to third parties. TaskStream recommends that you add the taskstream-subscriptions@taskstream.com, help@taskstream.com, and notification@taskstream.com email addresses to your email contacts so that TaskStream emails are not blocked by spam software or computer settings.

Once your TaskStream account is activated, you must enter the enrollment code for your program. The self-enrollment code for all programs is found in program codes guide. To enroll in your program, simply access your TaskStream account and then click on the “Enter Code” button on the left side to enter the code.

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When prompted, enter the program code and click “Search.” You can then review the program information that corresponds to the code you entered. To be enrolled in the program, click “Enroll.” If you enroll yourself into an inactive program, the program will not appear on your home page until the Cleveland State Program Manager activates the program. If you switch programs, you should contact Heather Gallacher at h.gallacher@csuohio.edu or 216-687-3743 to be switched into the new program..

If you have any technical questions about TaskStream, you can always contact the TaskStream Mentoring Services at help@taskstream.com or at 800-311-5656.


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