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Only students with current FBI / BCI results on file with OFS will be permitted in the field.

In our quest to serve you better by improving communication and providing you with the resources you need to work with our interns, we are constantly working on our website. We hope it meets your needs, and we realize that there may be things we have not considered for this site. Please feel free to contact us at with suggestions for improvement or concerns.

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Observation form

Mid-Term Progress Report
Student Teaching Seminar Curriculum

Supervisor Final Checklist
Practicum Seminar Curriculum

Teacher Work Sample Rubric Forms
Flag System

Seminar Sign In

Engaged Lesson Reflection Questions
Action Research

OFS Mileage Form in PDF Format
Student Portfolios

OFS Mileage Form in Excel Format (has formulas entered)
Conflict Resolution

Pre-Concern Conference Forms
Student Disposition List

Requirements of an Engaged Lesson

Concern Flag Form

Lesson Plan Formats:
Special Education
Early Childhood



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