Office of Field Services (OFS)


Mentoring a Methods Intern from Cleveland State University
The Office of Field Services greatly appreciates teachers who invite our interns into their classrooms during a field experience required for a methods course. CSU students are usually informed of their field placement matches for methods courses by the fourth or fifth week of the semester. At that time, they are directed to contact their mentor teachers to discuss specific arrangements for the completion of their field experiences. If you have agreed to serve as a mentor to a methods student and have not heard from him or her by sixth week of the semester, please feel free to contact your Program Coordinator in OFS.

Mini-Grant Applications
Teachers who agree to serve as mentors to methods students are not paid a stipend but are eligible and encouraged to apply for a mini-grant of up to $200 that may be used for a classroom project and associated instructional materials. Any funds awarded in the grant must be used during the academic year in which it is received. Receipts must be supplied to OFS at the conclusion of the project. Mini-grant applications should be completed and returned to the OFS Director by the deadlines noted on the application instructions. Complete details regarding guidelines, procedure, and criteria for awards may be found on the Mini-Grant Proposal.

Resources for Mentor Teachers of Methods Interns
Mini-Grant Proposal and Application
Contacts for Methods Course Instructors
Student Guidelines for Methods Field Experiences