Office of Field Services (OFS)


Mentoring a Practicum or Student Teaching Intern from Cleveland State University
Thank you for your willingness to mentor a pre-service teacher from Cleveland State University! We appreciate the time, energy and wisdom that mentors share with our interns. We count on our mentors to provide positive, educative experiences for our interns and hope that having a student intern is a constructive and rewarding experience for you and your own students.

Much of the information and resources you will need to mentor your intern can be found on this website. You will meet your intern’s CSU supervisor during the first week of the intern’s experience with you. The Supervisor will be able to clarify any questions you have regarding the mentoring experience and will be in touch with you regularly over the course of the semester. In addition, the staff of OFS is here to serve you, so do not hesitate to contact us for additional information and resources.

Mentor Training
The Office of Field Services offers Mentor Training prior to or early in the semester. Several weeks before the training, mentors receive an invitation via email with specific meeting information and RSVP instructions for the meeting.

OFS has also created a Mentor Handbook to assist with the mentoring process. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please access the Handbook below so that you are familiar with the expectations and procedures of mentoring. This handbook will also be provided in the packet you will receive from your intern. It is helpful for mentors to read the handbook in advance of meeting the student and supervisor for the first time.
Mentor Manual

Resources for Mentor Teachers of Practicum or Student Teaching Interns
Semester Calendar

Use the following link to obtain information and forms used in completing formal observations and evaluations of your intern.

Mentor Data Form
We must have a Mentor Data Form on record to provide compensation for mentoring (according to school/district policy). The form can be downloaded here and returned via fax, email or mail to OFS.

Lesson Plan Formats

Teacher Work Sample Information (Student Teaching Only)
Online Evaluation of Supervisor and OFS

Each semester, we gather evaluation data from interns, mentors and supervisors in a constant drive to improve our programs. Please use the link above to provide feedback on the supervisor with whom you worked and on our office. Choose “OFS Data.” The account name for mentors is mentofs. No password is needed.

Practicum Syllabi
The mentor packet you receive should include a course syllabus. Copies can also be accessed online through this link.
Student Teaching Syllabi
The mentor packet you receive should include the course syllabus. Copies can also be accessed online through this link.