Need keys? - Return keys?

Need keys?
If you need office keys, please fill out the access request form and submit the form to the key shop in plant services, room 239.

Return keys?
If you are returning keys, please fill out the key return form and submit the form and keys to the key shop in plant services, room 239.

Lost or Stolen Key?
For a lost key, you must first file a CSU Police report (687-2020) and attach a copy to this form .
See the Access Control & Security Systems page for additional information, regulations, and policies.

*All individuals are responsible for obtaining their own keys. No Exceptions!!

Need a Viking Card?
Go to the Viking Card Office located in Main Classroom 112.

Lost or Stolen Viking Card?

Read - What to do if you lose your Viking Card?

Need access to a suite, department or office?
If you have new faculty, staff, or student workers and you would like for them to have access to your suite, a classroom, the building or any other items that need electronic access, then you need to make sure they have prox access.

Check the back of their Viking card for a five digit number.

If they do, then just send their CSU ID #, prox number, name and suite location to Suzanne Ortiz at so she can get them added to the system.

If they do not have it, then complete the Access Request Form and submit the completed form to the Patty Sokolowski with the cover sheet (attached) for approval. The form will then be submitted to Access Control by faxing it to x3383

I forgot my keys today?
First check with your departmental secretary. If they are not available, then come to the Dean’s Office. If it is after hours, then you need to contact the Police at x2020 and they will charge you $25 to gain access to your office.

Julka Hall Hours

Monday – Thursday7:00 am – 10:30 pm
Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday Closed (prox access only)

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