Master of Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST) Residency Program

MUST Program Sequence

Master of Urban Secondary Teaching (MUST)

MUST Program Sequence

Summer 1&2 (2015)

During the first summer, interns will be enrolled in five courses that deal with the following topics: psychological foundations of education, teaching management in the secondary school, educational research, content area literacy, and technology in the classroom. These courses are designed to prepare interns for their licensure assessments and their fall practicum experience. Additionally, interns will begin to prepare an action research study and will pilot their research in the fall.

Fall (2015)

During the fall, interns are placed in their field sites and assist their mentor with instruction and assessment for four hours each day. Interns will be required to teach during this time, using at least one unit plan developed from the summer semester. Additionally, interns are enrolled in two additional courses that discuss the following topics: social issues in education and instruction/assessment in secondary schools. These courses are designed to help interns develop more ways to deliver content and plan creative lessons for their student teaching term in the spring. Interns are also encouraged to take any missing content area courses during this semester.

Spring (2016)

In addition to being enrolled in any missing content area courses, interns are actively working at their field sites for student teaching. During this semester, interns are placed in their field site every weekday and are required to teach full-time during the third quarter of the school district’s semester. Interns have the opportunity to use any of their newly learned skills from the fall and summer terms in addition to creating new activities with their mentor. Interns will also collect data for their action research study.

Summer (2016)

During the final Summer semester, the interns will take all of the data that they have collected from their action research study during student teaching to write a research paper and submit it to an academic journal.