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If you are earning a State of Ohio Teaching License, you must apply for it after you have completed all program requirements, obtained a copy of your final transcript, undergone a criminal background check, and passed the required state licensure examinations.


As of September 1, 2013, Praxis II is not required by Ohio for licensure in most areas. Instead, most candidates will take one of the Ohio Assessments for Educators examinations. If you are not sure which tests you need to take for your licensure area, please contact an advisor.

Beginning January 2014, all requests for a new credential must be completed on-line through the Ohio Department of Educations (ODE) website. Paper applications will no longer be accepted by the ODE after December 2013. Information regarding the on-line application process can be found at

After visiting this website if you still have questions regarding the on-line application process, please contact:
CSU Education Advising Office at 216-687-4625.

Licensure Applications

Applications and directions are available at:

Criminal Background Checks & Fingerprinting

Ohio Current Licensure Test Requirements (pdf)


Ohio Assessment for Educators


Visit the Ohio Assessment for Educators website for registration, test dates, study guides, and test materials.

Praxis II Exams

As of September 1, 2013, the Ohio Department of Education does not use Praxis II examinations for most licensure areas. Praxis II tests taken and passed prior to September 1, 2013 will be accepted by ODE. There are still Praxis II requirements in a few selected licensure areas; see an advisor with questions about required licensure examinations you should take.

  • Visit the Educational Testing Service website for registration, test dates, study guides and test materials.
  • At the ETS website, view Ohio current Praxis II requirements and obtain “Test at a Glance” overviews through the “State Requirements”.

Foreign/World Language Teacher Candidates


Candidates planning to teach foreign languages must take special tests of oral and written ability in the target language. See the link below for information about required examinations for foreign languages.


Foreign/World Language Teacher Licensure Candidate Testing (pdf)