Hotel Accommodations - CEHS Atrium/University Location Reservations

To reserve a room in Julka Hall (other than the atrium), please email with the date, time, preferred location, your name and extension or whomever is in charge of event.

To view the Julka Hall room assignments (Resource25 link)

All Julka Hall rooms have AV equipment including a built in projector and a wall mounting unit. A laptop will need to be brought to the conference rooms (JH 191, 292, and 391) if projection is needed, but the classrooms have everything built in.

For more information, contact the Center for Educational Technologies.

Hotel Accommodations

CEHS Atrium/University Location Reservations
The CEHS Atrium needs to be reserved through Conference Services as well as other CSU spaces. Complete the University Facility Reservation Form

Facility Change/Cancellation Form for the University
To make changes to the reservation form or cancel the event, complete the Facility Change/Cancellation Form.

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