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ERE 2013 Schedule Of Poster Sessions
Fenn Tower 3rd Floor Ballroom

11:30 – 12:15 p.m.

Tables 1-3 Impact on Student Success

Explaining the Achievement Gap of African-American Males Relative to Other Student Groups.

Exploring Student Success in a Doctoral Program: A Qualitative Inquiry.

Schools Protecting Sexual Minorities: Interventions and Policies.

The Caring of All Stakeholders Directly Reflects on Student Success.

School Choice: Impacts on Public Schools Effectiveness.

Diversity in Dietetics Education and the Need for Recruitment and Retention.

Adams-King, YSU*

Badillo, CSU

Davis, CSU*

McMahan, YSU*

Mozzocio, YSU)

Warren, Akron*

Tables 4-6 Professional Roles and Responsibilities

A Model for Statewide Collaboration: Counseling Advocacy and Leadership Summit..

Will I stay? Or Will I go? Does the Ohio Resident Educator Program Policy Increase Teacher Efficacy And Retention?

“Such a great number of blessings fill me”: The Oral Personal Narratives of Vowed Members and Laity of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament at Incarnate Word Academy, Parma Heights, Ohio.

The Characteristics and Skills of Principals' Principles: The Superintendent Can Make a Difference.

Student-Teacher Relationships in Early College High School.

A proposal of Franco-American Teachers-in-Training: A Study of Best Practices in Teaching and Studying Abroad.

Cameron, YSU*

Eaton-Harris, CSU*

Gann, CSU

Jones, YSU*

Womack, Akron*

Xuejing, Akron*

Tables 7-9 Research, Teaching, and Learning Techniques

Number Set Cognition: The Influence of Memory and Monitoring.

Discrete Trial Teaching.

Inter-Rater Reliability in the Nursing Skills Lab.

Motivation and Perceived Benefits of Science Olympiad Participation.

Exploring the Experiences of Ethnic Minority Students in Higher Education towards Career Development.

Impulse Control: Utilizing Dance Activities to Minimize Impulsive Behavior in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

Cravalho, Kent*

Fiol, YSU

Foley, CSU

Kulbago, Kent

Okwudi, CSU*

Stewart, Akron

Tables 10-11 Technology in Education

Active Learning in Distance Education.

Do Computer Simulations Lead to Meaningful Learning in Adults?

The Impact of Using iPad Tablets on Student Learning.

Bolstering Adolescents’ Social Competence: Modification to Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Educational and Vocational Training Programs.

Rouse, Akron*

Tribuzi, Kent*

Williams, YSU*

Williams, CSU*

*Participating in Award Competition