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ERE 2013 Schedule Of Paper Sessions
Julka Hall

10:20 – 11:20 a.m.

JH 292 Early Childhood Education

The Use of Technology and Pre-emergent Reading Skills in Preschool.

Identifying Problem Solving Techniques in Preschoolers: A Qualitative Study.

Cornell, YSU

Bowers, Kent *

JH 391 Educational Impact –Teaching and Learning Practices

The Studio Thinking Framework in Secondary Visual Art Classrooms: An Exploratory Study.

An Investigation on EFL Leaners’ Beliefs and Strategy Use on English Reading.

Mitton, CSU

Gao, Kent *

JH 395 Online Learning

Impact of Communication Modes on Discussion in K-12 Online Education..

A Study of Relative Effectiveness of Online Visual Instructions by Combined Analysis of Brainwaves, Spatial Intelligence, and Learning Outcomes..

Student Learning and Engagement using Online Mathematics Skills Games.

Golden, Kent*

Lee, Kent*

Suarez, CSU*

JH 191 Study Aids and Strategies for Student Success

Academic Optimism and Test Anxiety Reduction.

Land Stewardship, Service Learning, and Motivation for Learning Scientific Concepts.

Lewis, Kent

McCormack, CSU

JH 192 Educational Policy vs. Educational Challenges

High school dropout epidemic among Hispanics: Identifying risk factors.

Missing the Mark: The Role of Student Mobility and NCLB Indicators on Student Performance on High Stakes Testing.

Voluntary Versus Involuntary Immigrants: Empirically Testing Ogbu’s Theory of Black-White Achievement Gap.

Giraldo-Garcia, CSU*

Evans, CSU*

Giraldo-Garcia, CSU

JH 338 Learning and Career-Based Theoretical Perspectives

Domestic Student Perspectives of International Student Connectivity.

Five-Factor Model and Career Indecision: A Meta-Analysis.

Reconciling the Theories of Piaget and Vygotsky: Why Not Both?

Carroll, Kent

Martincin, CSU*

Romig, Kent

*Participating in Award Competition