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ERE 2013 Schedule Of Paper Sessions
Julka Hall

9:10 – 10:10 a.m.

JH 292 Counseling/ Mental Health Topics

Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs by Adolescents Ages 12-17.

Ageism in Counseling? Presence of Elderly Populations in Counseling Literature.

Makoski, YSU

Martincin, CSU *

JH 391 Teacher Performance and Student Achievement

The Relationship between Teacher Quality Indicators and Eighth Grade OAA Math Achievement.

Impact of Teacher Evaluation on Implementation of Best-Practices in Classroom Instruction.

Dohy, CSU

Kwloek, YSU

JH 395 Educational Impact— International and Multicultural Perspectives

Education and Women: Non-Formal Education among Lower Socioeconomic Status Women in Pakistan in Their Voice.

Enhancing Well-Being of Women in Africa through Access and Use of ICTs.

The Prevalence of Academic Procrastination in China.

Khan, Kent*

Kirby, Kent*

Li, Akron

JH 191 Models and Theories in Educational Research

Autoethnography: Consequences of Self-Formation.

Prevalence of Declining Effect Sizes in Educational Research.

Satlykgylyjova, Kent

Stephens, CSU*

JH 192 College Student Learning

Persistence and Cross-Cultural Awareness of College Students Learning Foreign Languages.

Evaluating an Intelligent Tutor through Subsequent Courses.

Awad, Akron*

Hrubik-Vulanovic, Kent*

JH 338 Doctoral Programs/Community of Scholars

An Examination of Underrepresented Minority Experiences in STEM Doctoral Programs.

Developing Identities of Emerging Scholars within a Community of Practice.

Bancroft, Akron*

Kriner, CSU

*Participating in Award Competition