Practicum-Internship Madatory Meeting

edTPA Local Evaluation

Friday , May 3, 2013

Friday , May 8, 2013
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Cleveland Yacht Club

RSVP to Jennifer Pawlik at

All full-time and part-time faculty are strongly encouraged to be trained in the edTPA and provide feedback to candidates who completed the assessment.

This semester, all 146 CSU student teachers completed the edTPA, a performance assessment mandated for student teachers at all Ohio public universities beginning Fall 2013. The candidates have worked long and hard to complete these assessments. We did not require candidates to submit their materials for national scoring, but we (along other Ohio universities) have committed to a local evaluation of these assessments. We need your help to assist with this local evaluation. Without your help, we will not be able to provide these candidates with feedback on their hard work.

We would like all teaching licensure faculty members to do everything possible to carve out time to come on one of those two days. Each day will consist of continental breakfast starting at 8:30, brief training by our team of four faculty who attended regional trainings, and assessment of student work in pairs. We will NOT be doing full TPA scoring, but looking closely at candidates’ work on rubrics that have been our weakest areas over the past three semesters.

We realize this is an extremely busy time for all, even more than usual this year with massive curriculum revisions and student success initiatives. However, there are some very good reasons to make time for this activity. It will:

• Provide valuable feedback to teacher candidates on their edTPA. Since we asked students to complete this challenging assessment, we have an obligation to provide them with feedback.

• Offer you an opportunity to learn about the edTPA from four knowledgeable faculty trainers. You will review the rubrics in depth and see how candidates’ work would be rated.

• Give you a chance to get off-campus and enjoy the beautiful, relaxing venue of the Cleveland Yacht Club and enjoy breakfast and lunch there.

• Promote collaboration with valued colleagues around assessment of candidates’ work. It may spark new teaching ideas or foster new collaborations about ways to prepare and support future edTPA candidates.

• Give you insight into what our candidates are actually doing in the field to see how your classes are impacting their teaching.

• Continue the conversations we have had in our different departments about the new student performance assessment and teacher accountability systems, as well as the Cleveland Plan, with a clear impact on our upcoming teacher preparation program the CREATE team has been developing. Under these circumstances, the more of us are knowledgeable about edTPA, the better we can prepare our teacher candidates for the increasingly competitive job market.

In addition to these benefits, you will also receive an Amazon gift card as a small token of appreciation for your efforts. To reserve your spot and avoid pestering phone calls from your department chair.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, April 16th to Jennifer Pawlik at or 216-523-7181.


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